July 10, 2024

8 Apps We Can’t Wait to Use with Apple Vision Pro

Seven purple app icons placed inside a silhouette of Apple Vision Pro goggles on a black constellation background

More often than not, switching up your perspective — whether that means going for a walk, traveling somewhere new, or even just changing mediums or platforms — can lead to a heavy dose of creative inspiration. So when a revolutionary technology, like the Apple Vision Pro,  enters the landscape, the Big Human team tends to jump into ideation mode right away. We want to understand how the product works, but we’re also eager to explore all the possibilities and use cases that could stem from its capabilities. It was actually this process that led to our team creating Vine back in 2012, right as smartphone sales soared. 

While Vision Pro has only been out for a few months, a couple Big Human team members have already taken the device for a spin — simultaneously developing visionOS apps for clients and dreaming of the apps that could be created (or elevated) when engineered for spatial computing.

To share our level of excitement and anticipation for what’s to come with Vision Pro — like the launch of the Vision Pro 2 in 2026 — we put together a list of the 10 apps we either expect, or hope, will change the game when created specifically for VisionOS.


Is fully immersive social media a good thing — or one that should be relegated to an episode of Black Mirror? No matter which way you lean, there’s a possibility for Instagram to leverage a more intelligent, personalized in-app experience that would transform the way we engage with its content. Think about immersive AR filters, for example. Vision Pro could enhance Instagram’s roster of filters with realistic AR overlays, allowing you to easily “try on” different makeup or hair looks. Real-time object recognition could also provide additional context or information alongside photos. So if your friend posts a restaurant you may not have heard about yet, you might be able to easily explore its menu and make a reservation within a few seconds. 

Nike Shopping

Shopping for the latest pair of Nikes via Vision Pro would be a complete game changer. Alongside virtual try-ons — where you could see how different styles would look and fit in real-time — there could be interactive product visualizations (where users could view products in 3D and rotate them to see from all angles), AR foot measurement, and even potential sneaker drops exclusive to Vision Pro. Nike… we’re looking at you to make this happen. 

Apple’s Find My App 

If you’re a regular user of Find My, you know the satisfaction of keeping up with all of your loved ones' locations; they’re almost like little Sims. With Find My on Vision Pro, they’d be even more like actual Sims. Vision Pro could integrate AR technology into the app, allowing users to see real-time, interactive AR representations of their friends' locations overlaid on their surroundings. Instead of seeing a static map, you’d be able to visually pinpoint your friends' exact locations — and possibly even customizable AR avatars — in the physical world. 


With Headspace on Vision Pro, mindfulness will meet technology and a high level of personalization. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, a completely immersive meditation environment. Rather than picturing yourself on a white sand beach by bright turquoise waters, the AR technology will transport you to any virtual landscape of your choosing. There’s even a possibility of personalized meditation guides based on your mood, preferences, and goals — all informed by natural language processing. Real-time biometric feedback could also personalize the experience even further: Vision Pro could track a user’s heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and other physiological metrics to better understand their stress levels and overall well-being.


Depending on your understanding of and comfortability with buying a car, the idea of purchasing your next ride online may be a bit intimidating. Sure, you can see photos and maybe even a 360-degree view of the vehicle, but you can’t conduct a test drive or see the car in real-life scenarios (at least not ones that feel realistic or thorough). The Vision Pro could revolutionize this experience. With AR car visualization on Autotrader, you could actually place the car you want in your surroundings — like your driveway or parking space — and even simulate your drive to work.


Have you ever seen a hotel room online and booked it, only to end up sorely disappointed in its square feet and view? Or maybe you reserved a hotel that marketed a “prime location,” but it was actually on the side of a loud highway? With a completely immersive Hotels.com app on Vision Pro, you wouldn’t have to worry about less-than-stellar surprises upon arrival. Instead, AR capabilities could allow for immersive hotel exploration. While some hotel brands — like Four Seasons — already offer room tours, Vision Pro would allow you to visually assess the proximity and surroundings of hotels and even visualize yourself in the space.

West Elm Design Crew Room Planner

There are some people who like to wing their interior design places. Without hesitation, they purchase furniture or a piece of art and, occasionally successfully, place it in their home. Others are more detailed; they carefully plot out dimensions and the overall fung shui of a room. If you fall into the latter category, West Elm’s Design Crew Room Planner on Vision Pro would have you living out the HGTV show of your dreams. With the AR integration, users could visualize West Elm furniture and home items in their space, allowing them to actually see how pieces blend with their current furnishings. More robust customization capabilities could also give users the ability to toggle through colors, fabrics, and finishes in real time, and more precise measurement tools would help them accurately calculate room sizes and select furniture that fits perfectly. To enhance a room’s overall flow and aesthetics (and help users make informed decisions), Vision Pro could also analyze room layouts and suggest optimal furniture placements or even provide personalized recommendations based on users’ style preferences, existing decor, and room dimensions. 

My Tamagotchi Forever

Security, companionship, and unconditional love — we’d all probably benefit from having a pet in our lives. But for those who aren’t quite ready to take on the responsibility of another living being, Vision Pro’s version of My Tamagotchi Forever might just be the answer. We already know AVP’s improved graphics and performance would give users a more enjoyable experience, but its AR capabilities could also make it more immersive. Imagine interacting with your Tamagotchi pet in real time, in your own home. For an added layer, Vision Pro could leverage its health monitoring capabilities to track a pet’s health and well-being, so users can more realistically take care of their pets, ensuring they stay happy and healthy. Vision Pro’s machine learning algorithms could also pick up on the way users interact with their Tamagotchi to evolve its personality and behavior, mirroring the way pets can develop different traits based on the relationship they have with their owners. My Tamagotchi Forever could also take advantage of AVP’s accessibility features to make it more inclusive and user-friendly for differently abled users through customizable interface options and voice commands.

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