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You may think your eCommerce company only needs a logo and a tagline to get started — but those are just two aspects of a larger brand narrative. And when it comes to eCommerce design and branding, specifically, a more robust strategy is required in order to find success in such a competitive industry.


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At Big Human, we believe eCommerce brands should start with both a meaning and a mission that transcends all aspects of the business. More than ever, these brand values and narratives are essential in standing out from the competition and creating a memorable experience, from browsing to purchasing.

When it comes to eCommerce branding, we do two things: 1) create brand identity systems from scratch, and 2) evolve existing ones to match the direction your company wants to go in. As “Humans,” we identify the emotional connection between your eCommerce brand and your audience and bring it to life through design services.

What is branding in eCommerce?

As an eCommerce design agency, we design distinctive, meaningful, and engaging brands that put humans at the center of the experience. We view eCommerce design and branding as a complete picture made up of many interactions and design assets; each point of interaction is ideated to reinforce your brand values and story.

To succeed, your company needs to stand out in a sea of sameness, and that includes reaching the right audience. Our eCommerce design services can help you tap into that target audience even as consumers’ shopping habits continue to shift online. When users can access giants such as Google, Amazon, and Instagram to discover new retailers, eCommerce companies need to work harder to distinguish their brand, products, and services from their competition.

An eCommerce brand needs more than a logo and some merchandise. The Big Human team defines and designs not only how the brand looks but also how it behaves, feels, and sounds through a user’s purchase journey.

eCommerce Branding Case Study

Innovation isn't a new concept in the eCommerce space — far from it, in fact. So when pet tech brand Whistle approached Big Human for some eCommerce design agency expertise and rebranding work, Big Human jumped at the chance to help bring the eCommerce company into its next chapter. Operating in both digital and printed spaces, the brand assets needed to be buttoned up across channels — which meant starting with an intensive research phase. Following an in-depth competitive analysis, landscape audit, brand exploration, and client workshops to identify goals and values, we felt prepared to move into the next sprint: brand design. Here, our designers revisited brand colors, typography, and, of course, the brand logo. The eCommerce design project came to a close with a complete handoff of ready-to-use brand guidelines, which were implemented on the Whistle website, app, packaging, signage, and more.

Read the full case study here.

Even the smallest eCommerce brands need logos. Our eCommerce design agency designers create custom logos and style guides to bring your unique startup branding to life.

Choosing the right typography to represent your brand’s message and convey an emotional connection with users is paramount. Learn more about typography here.

From photography styles to custom illustrations, graphics, patterns, and icons, we can create a brand imagery that accurately and effectively tells your brand’s visual story.

Put it all together, and you’ve got a brand identity. Our eCommerce design agency has helped (and continues to help) clients develop complete brand identity systems based on their eCommerce company needs. This includes style guides for brand design and brand strategy guidelines.

Our eCommerce Design and Branding Process

Go big or go home, right? Big Human’s full branding capabilities involve a cross-team initiative. Our designers can either create brand new core visual brand elements or iterate on what you already love about your brand. Our strategists and copywriters then develop new names, updated brand statements, and messaging guidelines. At the end of the engagement, you’ll be armed with an expertly designed brand, one that accurately reflects who your company is and what it wants to become.

Understand the customers
Establish the brand story
Create a unique and engaging product experience
Make your customers feel like they're part of the story

Understand the customers

Long story short: Creating an eCommerce brand requires an understanding of the users. What parts of the brand will resonate with users the most? What are the users’ pain points, hopes, and dreams? The strategists at our eCommerce design agency use qualitative and quantitative research to answer these big questions.

Establish the brand story

Successful brands connect emotionally with their audience and turn them into brand loyalists. eCommerce brands, specifically, do so by reinforcing their product differentiation and unique brand values. Here, it’s crucial that we create a clear narrative with strong brand positioning statements and value propositions.

Create a unique and engaging product experience

Our eCommerce design agency approach builds on the foundation of a brand and uses design and technology to bring it to life. We design and build interactive, seamless eCommerce experiences (including websites and apps) that span the entire user journey, from the first interaction to purchase.

Make your customers feel like they're part of the story

As an eCommerce design agency, we work together to make your customers feel like they’re part of the story, whether it’s through on-site content or growth marketing.

eCommerce Design and Branding at Big Human

Whether we’re helping you launch a new brand or redesign and reinvent an existing one, it’s our job to set our eCommerce branding clients up for success. It’s why we do what we do: There’s a solution out there to everything, and we’re here to help you find it.

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