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Big Human is a leading technology, branding, and development company and a top social network app development company. Our team doesn’t just follow the latest trends; we get to work inventing new solutions to help our clients achieve their goals and change the digital landscape.


Redefining the creative video experience

Our Role in Social App Development

Building a successful social media platform is about more than engineering — yes, you need skilled social media app developers to tackle complex issues, but success is also determined by the creative, exciting solutions that an innovative social network app development company can bring to the table. 

Come to us with an idea, and we’ll help you refine concepts, learn more about the market, research your audience, and test different solutions until we deliver a social media app that takes your business exactly where it wants to go.

Our Experience Building Social Media Apps

Big Human has been at the leading edge of social network app development for over 10 years. Our team builds social media platforms with the latest features, and we innovate and implement novel solutions no matter your industry. In the past, we’ve built apps with profile creation, messaging features, networking, video sharing, social games, blogging, events, newsfeeds, and more.

When you work with Big Human, you get a social media app development company that strives to create engaging, impactful digital experiences. Come to us with a concept, and we’ll help you bring it to life, building an app that breaks industry molds.

That’s what makes Big Human one of the top social network app development services available today: We can take our clients from the very early stages of the idea all the way to a complete, ready-for-market product.

Our innovative social network app developers are experts in building advanced and tailor-made features that focus on connectivity and interaction.

The reason why social apps exist? To share and connect with other users. Our social network app developers don’t just emulate what’s out there; we want to revolutionize the market with inventive solutions and functionalities.

Humans are visual creatures. Online consumers can retain only 10 to 20% of the information they read or hear about, but once that information is paired with visual elements, it suddenly goes up to 65%. Our social media app developers leverage the latest technologies and features to augment the user’s experience while sharing image and video content in a user-friendly, fun, and engaging way.

Instant messages are a basic necessity for users to interact within an app. Our will work with you to create a unique messaging system that supports features like calling, emojis, GIFs, and more.

Our Social Media App Development Process

Innovation is at the heart of Big Human. Our team of expert social media app developers are here to help you create and fine-tune a product that will meet your objectives and exceed expectations.

Defining Your Stack
Quality Assurance


Understanding the business needs of our clients, their ideas, expectations, and the user journey is vital in developing a social media app. Our developers work to push the boundaries of what social media platforms can do and find inventive solutions to revolutionize the space.

Defining Your Stack

Social media platforms have specific features such as an activity feed, messaging services, profiles for users to customize, and, depending on your social media app development project, it could also include monetization capabilities, different search options, resource libraries, geolocation, groups – the possibilities are endless. It’s our job as social media app developers to not just build static websites anymore; we also connect other technologies and layers.


We’re a social network app development company with extensive knowledge of iOS, Android, and React Native development. Our engineers and developers work in sprints determined by the client’s priorities. The team builds, learns, and optimizes until your app functions seamlessly within its operating system and platform. We understand that concepts, functionalities, and ideas change, and our agile social media app development process also allows for refinement based on client needs.

Quality Assurance

Another thing that sets Big Human apart is that we QA early and often — not just at the end. Our approach is to apply best coding practices to produce less bugs early on, and we test extensively to ensure your app is free from vulnerabilities.

Social Media App Development at Big Human

Big Human already has a name as one of the most innovative design studios working today. We have worked on a range of unique projects, and we have a reputation for getting results. 

That’s what makes Big Human one of the top social network app development services available today. We don’t just follow trends; we create them.

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