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Obsessed with finding solutions that put the “human” at the center of everything we do, the Big Human team collaborates with clients to bring unique, transformative ideas to life. If you’re reading this particular page, you’re probably looking for a custom mobile application.


Creating a listener-first experience across devices


Why choose Big Human for your custom mobile application development services?

Our app development team is armed with cross-functional skills, giving us the ability to create out-of-this-world apps for a variety of industries and services.

We believe that successful 21st-century companies should reach their customers on all platforms and devices. Users expect to access everything from anywhere, and apps are one of the first places users seek out connection with a company. Our multi-functional development team can provide custom mobile application development services for any device, operating system, and browser.

iOS App Development

Big Human creates exciting custom mobile applications for Apple devices across industries. We’ve created everything from trivia games (most notably, HQ Trivia), content creation apps (remember Vine?), and everything in between. Whether we’re going through a first-time custom mobile app development process or a rebuild, Big Human can make your mobile app development dream a reality.

Android App Development and React Native Development

Because we believe that apps are better when created for all devices, we also have Android custom mobile application development capabilities. We offer both front-end and back-end development, making us a full-service, cross-functional agency partner.

When we develop products using React Native, we can create a platform that’s simultaneously native to the web, iOS, and Android applications, saving you both time and money. Mobile applications built for multiple operating systems allow clients to reach a wider audience.

Mobile and Desktop Development

Beyond our mobile app development services, we also create websites for both mobile and desktop. We value flexibility and accessibility for users, so we often work with responsive website design in mind. Whether a user is looking at a computer, iPhone, or tablet, their experience should be seamless across each.

Mobile App Development Case Study

Quinn is one of our favorite app development projects to talk about. We've been working with founder Caroline Spiegel and her team since 2020, building new features, applying visual brand updates, making performance enhancements, fixing bugs, and ensuring the user experience is the best of its kind. Our engineers also built custom dashboards to manage the site and app; these feature analytics tracking so creators can monitor audio plays, followers, likes, and comments.

Read the full Quinn case study here.

Startup App Development

It’s not easy to get a startup app off the ground. Growth is rarely linear, and that includes the bright minds who get it right from the start. We’re well aware that when it comes to app development for startups, it’s tough finding a jumping-off point. Luckily, that’s where we come in. Let Big Human help guide you from ideation through execution.

eCommerce App Development

The best modern eCommerce brands aren’t just paying attention to their websites; they’re investing in intuitive and user-friendly apps that open more doors (and wallets). Whether you’re a startup or an established eCommerce brand in need of a refresh, you need a top eCommerce app development company that can take your project from start to finish.

Our mobile application client partners come from a range of industries and backgrounds. Some clients are looking to refresh or upgrade their mobile applications, while others are hoping to make a concept into a reality for the first time. No matter the challenge or vision, we collaborate with our clients to uncover the best technology solutions and integrations for their needs.

Combining the powers of research and data analysis, we assess which features and capabilities speak most to the users' needs. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative user research, conduct stakeholder interviews, and develop user personas to create our clients’ user-centered applications.

Our designers work with our developers to create engaging, interactive mobile app experiences that span the entire user journey. By ensuring users can seamlessly navigate the application, we can develop a more technically efficient application. We want to set both our clients and end users up for success at every stage of our custom mobile application development process.

Our job isn’t finished when a new product launches. Depending on the scope, we can continue to work with clients to conduct quality assurance testing, A/B test features, and refine the US functionalities.

Our Mobile App Development Process

The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority. Our collaborative approach ensures we work side-by-side with clients throughout the entire process of development for your custom mobile app. Every project has different needs, including distinctive features and complexity of design, so every process is unique. Our goal is to make sure no stone is left unturned and that we provide a mobile application that both our clients and their users will enjoy.

Strategy and Discovery
Design and Refine
Develop and Test
Launch and Iterate

Strategy and Discovery

Understanding the business needs of our clients and the user journey of our end users is vital in the process of developing a custom mobile application. This phase often includes user research, audits, and competitive analyses.

Design and Refine

During this phase, we build out design concepts and wireframes to organize the features of the mobile application. Based on the needs of our clients, we also design logos, define brand identity kits, and explore visuals like icons and illustrations. Our goal is to create an eye-catching, seamless mobile experience.

Develop and Test

Our programmers are well-versed in different languages and platforms and build custom mobile app development solutions based on the needs of each mobile application. We develop solutions that enable users to access clients’ products across all platforms and operating systems: smartphone, tablet, laptop, iOS, or Android.

Launch and Iterate

There is nothing more exciting than launching a new mobile app for a client. But our job doesn’t end once the product is live and in the app store. We can work with clients at every step of custom mobile application development. This includes ensuring the product functions seamlessly, users can successfully navigate the mobile application with ease, and there is a smooth asset handoff. Depending on the project, we can also provide ongoing support with fixes and bugs.

Custom Mobile App Development at Big Human

If you’re looking to invent and innovate, Big Human is the custom mobile app development company for you. Our team has a wealth of experience delivering tailor-made solutions that increase user engagement and boost revenue while improving your brand image at every touchpoint. Our designers, developers, and strategists work cross-functionally to offer clients a complete picture: an original, functional, and beautiful custom mobile app designed for real people with real needs.

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