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The best modern eCommerce brands aren’t just paying attention to their websites; they’re investing in intuitive and user-friendly apps that open more doors (and wallets). Whether you’re a startup or an established eCommerce brand in need of a refresh, you need a top eCommerce app development company that can take your project from start to finish. 


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eCommerce Mobile App Development Company Overview

Explore the mobile applications of any of our past clients, and it’ll become clear that our team has a thorough understanding of the online app marketplace and eCommerce app development in general. Our focus on quality and reliability is shared across all top platforms and devices. Not to mention, we’re human-first creatives with a keen eye for the future of eCommerce and how it continuously shifts with technology and user behavior.

When it comes to developing an eCommerce app, here’s what Big Human brings to the table.

Why Big Human?

When brands turn to Big Human for eCommerce app development, they can expect to feel supported every step of the way. If you want an app that keeps customers coming back for more, we can build it. If you want an app that allows you to reach new audiences, we can strategize and create that, too. We want you to feel heard every step of the way – and we want you to end up with your dream eCommerce app. 

In today’s app world, users expect a handful of features, no matter which app they’re using. That means, in order to be engaging and relevant, we go about eCommerce app development with a multi-functional approach. If you're interested in hiring us as your eCommerce app development company, keep reading.

An eCommerce app that loads quickly and is optimized for different devices — whether it’s an Android tablet, iOS tablet, Android phone, or an iOS phone — keeps users engaged (preventing cart abandonment).

Simple design elements enhance the user experience by letting customers quickly find related items and products.

Concise, informative product descriptions across organized categories enhance the user experience and boost conversions. Your users should have a positive shopping experience from start to finish.

Our eCommerce Mobile App Development Process

We approach the development of an eCommerce app with a “flexibility within function” mindset. We curate our systems, processes, and outputs to align with clients’ needs.

User Research & Strategy
Design & Refine
Develop & Test
Launch & Iterate

User Research & Strategy

It’s essential to have a concrete understanding of the users who will eventually download, use, and love your app. While audiences can change on a regular basis, we utilize our extensive knowledge of app capabilities and features in order to ensure your app speaks most strongly to its users and stakeholders.

Design & Refine

The Big Human product design team works from concept through execution, following an iterative design process that includes concepting, hi-fi prototypes, and final design files. Creating interactive prototypes of full products or small pieces for various users to test usability and functionality helps us deliver complete solutions designed to your exact specifications. No matter what type of eCommerce app we’re designing, our designers have the magical ability to combine creative wonder with engineering and business needs.

Develop & Test

Build, learn, optimize, repeat. With extensive knowledge in iOS, Android, and React Native development, our team can design an app that fits all of these platforms like a glove. Our engineers and eCommerce app developers are knowledgeable across many languages, platforms, and operating systems and can build custom solutions for every application.

Launch & Iterate

Our eCommerce app development services don’t end once an app goes live. Instead, we ensure the new App Store product continues to function seamlessly and remains relevant and helpful to the company and its customers or audience.

eCommerce Mobile App Development at Big Human

Users should open an eCommerce app and understand the business’s brand, style, voice, and sense of creativity within minutes of downloading. These elements work great together in theory, but they must be present during the mobile app development process. That’s why, as a top eCommerce app development company, we take a collaborative approach to developing eCommerce apps.

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