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If you’re a business that needs a high-powered digital product built quickly and efficiently, you've come to the right place. Big Human is a full-stack development company that works with startups and enterprises (and everyone in between) to design and develop human-centric products that help technology and humanity evolve together responsibly.


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Full-Stack Development at Big Human

A full-stack development company is essential if you need complex, integrated systems. From the database to the user interface, full-stack developers have a deep understanding of how all the pieces fit together – and building comprehensive solutions that are efficient and scalable is what our developers and engineers do best.

Big Human is at the forefront of full-stack development, with a team of experts who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re always learning and evolving, so we can stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best, most innovative products to our clients.

What We Mean By "Full Stack"

Back Office Service Integration

Back office services are the internal systems and processes that your end user won't see, but they're critical for the success of your product. Everything that happens behind the scenes to process and store data, and perform actions among other functions, is in the hands of our expert full-stack developers. 

Front Office Services

From tracking inbound leads to processing customer orders, we can build the front office services you need. We also offer responsive design, which makes a website adjust to any screen size–mobile phone, tablet, and desktop. 

Third-Party Integrations

Do you need a secure payment gateway or an analytics platform? We can integrate it into your product. As a full-stack app development agency, we connect different software parts and allow them to interact.

Whether it’s process automation, data integration, maps, user authentication, or anything else, third-party integrations help build scalable solutions to maximize revenue and processes.


As your user base grows, our full-stack app development services can scale your product to meet the demand. Our developers have extensive experience with large-scale projects, and we always create with growth in mind.

End-To-End Testing

We believe in delivering the highest quality; which involves testing every product we build end-to-end to ensure the product works as intended and meets all your expectations. We also offer bug fixing and support, so you can be confident that your product will be supported long after it's been launched.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Big Human was primarily responsible for building the front end based on provided algorithms and wireframes. The agency executed the architecture, database structure, and algorithm exceptionally well, ensuring that the final product met RoomZoom's expectations."

Elien Blue Becque, Founder at RoomZoom

Digital Branding Services

Every element your users see and interact with is an opportunity to reinforce who you are and how you stand out from the competition.

Creative Web Design

Our creative web design services bring your brand to life on the small screen in user-friendly, engaging, and dynamic ways.

The front-end interface is the first thing users see, and we understand the importance of making a good impression. Our teams of designers and engineers work together to create products that are easy to use, beautifully designed, and have all the functionalities you need.

The back end is where the magic happens. We work with the latest technologies to create efficient and scalable back-ends. We also offer database migration services, so you can easily move your data to the cloud with no roadblocks.

When everything can be done under one roof, it’s more efficient and cost-effective. And with more control over the final product, you'll be able to launch your product faster. That's the power of full-stack.

As a full-stack development company, we’ll know your product inside and out and offer tailored support and maintenance for your entire product.

Our Full-Stack Development Process

If you want to invent and innovate, Big Human is the team for you. We know how to solve problems and develop solutions. Web and mobile full-stack app development is how we make logic and order out of complexity and bring strategy, design, and branding to life.

Determining Your Stack
Launch and Iterate


When you need more than just a normal website, you need a comprehensive solution. Since no two web or mobile apps are created equal, it’s important to partner with a full-stack development company that understands your specific needs. We take the time to understand your business goals in order to create a solution that meets all your objectives.

Determining Your Stack

We choose modern, well-supported technologies that reduce the risk of technical debt. But we also ensure the technologies we choose are the right fit for your full-stack development project. View Layer: We use the latest front-end technologies to create interfaces that look great and are user-friendly. Application Layer: We work with the latest technologies to create efficient and scalable back-ends. Data Layer: By collecting data early and often, you can make informed decisions about your business. We set up the data infrastructure you need to make data-driven decisions. Connected Technologies: HTML websites aren't easy to edit, so we connect technologies that make it easy for you to make changes without coding.


Our full-stack development process involves two key components: sprints and iterations. Sprint Cycles: We develop in priority-driven sprints based on Agile methodology. Iterative Development: Based on user feedback, we make changes and improve the underlying architecture.

Launch and Iterate

The development process doesn't end when the product is launched. We continue to work with you to make sure your product meets all your expectations. And our process allows us to make changes quickly and efficiently. We also offer maintenance and support services to keep your product running smoothly.

Full-Stack Development Services at Big Human

Our full-stack development experience speaks for itself. From Netflix to Gemini, we've worked with some of the world's biggest brands on custom-made solutions. But no matter the size of the project, our value-add is the same: delivering innovative products. Plus, we have experience building our own products with pioneering functionality. If you can dream it, our developers can build it.

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