Blockchain App Development Services

With top-tier expertise and an unparalleled track record in successful design and development, Big Human will take your project from concept to a fully-functional app that utilizes blockchain technology.


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Our Role in Blockchain App Development

As a top blockchain app development company, Big Human is developing the next generation of scalable apps. Whether it’s a crypto wallet, smart contract platform, NFT marketplace, secure data sharing platform, or any other decentralized solution, we have the design and development skills to make it happen.

The team at Big Human isn’t in the business of rushing through development to create apps with run-of-the-mill functionalities. We want to work with clients to develop products that make a real difference.

Blockchain app development requires careful consideration of several points. If you come to us with a good idea for a blockchain app, we’ll help you take it to its maximum potential. Along with developers, our strategists will help refine your ideas through user and market research, user testing, data, analytics, and more.

Applications for blockchain technology aren’t restricted to cryptocurrencies and financial services. Just like print or the invention of the internet, they’re revolutionizing the human experience and the way we communicate.

The data on a blockchain as well as its history are available for everyone in the network to see – all the nodes in the network share a copy of the data.

In the same vein, because the exchange of data is recorded and available, you can learn where any particular asset came from.  In supply chains, for example, a blockchain app canmake it easier to trace products or assets and see the complete journey they’ve taken.

The traceability of assets allows for the verification of authenticity, thus preventing fraud. Transparent documentation can only be edited by the owner or with consensus. On the blockchain, data is encrypted, interconnected, and decentralized. These security protocols are helpful to protect sensitive data in any industry, not just financial services.

Our Blockchain App Development Process

Blockchain technology has opened the door for innovative tech-driven transactions and decentralized assets, helping businesses grow and stand out. At Big Human, we know tech inside out, and our engineers will develop a decentralized solution that hits the mark and exceeds your expectations. From prototyping and refinement to execution and launch, each part of our decentralized app development process is strategized for maximum value for end-users and the client.

Defining Your Stack
Quality Assurance


How can blockchain technology benefit your business? We want to thoroughly understand your project to design an effective plan and product. Our developers and designers will work with your team to understand the business needs of your blockchain app and align those needs with front and back-office services to create the best experience and solutions.

Defining Your Stack

By choosing the right platform, languages, tools, and features, our blockchain app developers will deliver a product that is scalable and secure. Defining your stack will reduce technical debt and increase development speed.


We will build, test, iterate, and repeat until our blockchain solution is exactly what the client requested and the user needs. Our blockchain app developers are experts across languages, platforms, and operating systems, so your decentralized solution will be custom-built per your requests and needs. We develop in sprints and remain flexible so clients can change mid-stream if necessary. Our agile blockchain app development process allows us to make changes and refine based on client expectations.

Quality Assurance

We test extensively to ensure your app is free from bugs and vulnerabilities. That’s why our blockchain app developers QA early and often, not just at the end.

Blockchain App Development at Big Human

The blockchain app developers at Big Human have the experience to take your decentralized app where you need it to go.

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