Pet Care App Development

We tackle all of our projects with a human-centered philosophy, but when it comes to pet care app development, your pets are at the forefront. Whether you’re a startup building from scratch or an established pet insights company looking to improve and evolve, Big Human’s engineering team has the experience and expertise to bring your ideas, ideal features, and solutions to life.


Ushering in a new era in pet tech

UX/UI Design

Our role in pet care app development

At Big Human, we see development for pet care apps as passion projects — places where we can combine our engineering talents with our genuine curiosity and love of animals. Acting as a fresh set of eyes, we examine your app (or product idea) as a whole, identifying what’s working and optimizing what’s not. Our team pairs multi-functional skills with a solution-focused approach to help you create a robust and reliable in-app experience on any device.

What does development for pet care apps look like?

If you’re in need of an app that marries form and function, Big Human is the team you want to build it. Our development experience stretches far and wide, and we’re well-versed in multiple coding languages. When it comes to development services for pet care companies, there isn’t a single element that goes untouched. Even if all you need are a few optimization changes, we check every component and capability to ensure your app provides a consistent, comprehensive experience from the first touchpoint to the last.

As a pet care app development company, we understand how much information and data a single app needs to house. We work with you to ensure every function and piece of content is accounted for and works together flawlessly.

We know it’s essential to consider every device. Our cross-functional approach allows us to produce front-end and back-end development solutions for both iOS and Android devices, so your app can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Regardless of its purpose, an app should run smoothly and efficiently. Big Human engineers build intuitive, highly performant apps that keep users engaged.

The user experience can make or break an app. We keep navigation simple to give your users access to everything they need when they need it.

If your app needs to hold a lot of content, we’ll help you configure a custom CMS that can grow as you do.

Our Development Process

To keep the user front of mind, we always begin with the most vital insights: user research and user testing. We then take those insights to design and develop a scalable and personalized app experience that aligns with both your goals and your users' needs. Our flexibility and nimbleness allow us to systematically build out the user experience and even make improvements post-launch.

User research and discovery
Design and refine
Develop and test
Launch and iterate

User research and discovery

In order to achieve the best in-app experience, we first need to know who your users are, what they need, and what they want. This stage includes user research, audits, competitive analyses, and thorough stakeholder interviews.

Design and refine

After taking a look at the needs of our client and their users, we build out the pet care app’s information architecture and wireframes to make sure every feature is accounted for. This is the phase where Big Human developers write custom pieces of code to build multiple low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes.

Develop and test

Our pet care app development process is iterative, continually exploring and assessing various functionalities. Before an app is live, our team of engineers use their extensive knowledge of iOS, Android, and React Native development to check for bugs and finetune every part of the app.

Launch and iterate

Development is always ongoing, even after the app is live on the Apple Store or Google Play. To make sure the project handoff is smooth for our clients, we stick with you to make sure your app operates as it should and remains functional for all of your users.

Pet Care App Development at Big Human

Big Human is a top pet care app development agency with full-service solutions. We expertly navigate your needs and goals to deliver a truly innovative digital product with a cohesive user experience — for both you and your pet. 

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