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eCommerce is a borderless industry, with around 24 million online stores operating worldwide. It’s tougher than ever to compete in such a crowded market, but there’s one defining factor that makes or breaks a digital marketplace: the user experience. Designing an app or website that successfully engages, converts, and stands out means putting the user first — and Big Human is the UX design company that can guide you through every step.


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Our Role in eCommerce UX Design

If digital product design is our specialty, then eCommerce UX design is our specialization. Big Human has a long history of designing and developing digital products that put users at the forefront, anticipating their needs and guiding them through every step of their purchase journey. To create an experience that’s both engaging and effective, we take a close look at your company, your competitors, and, of course, your customers.

As an eCommerce UX agency, we know efficiency is key. All your customers want is a digital store that’s fast and easy to use. We tactfully outline your goals and define potential user journeys to eliminate unnecessary steps, reduce load times, streamline navigation, and make sure your shop is accessible across every device. A great website or app is usually accompanied by great content, so our team of copywriting experts can help with that, too.

What does designing for eCommerce UX look like?

Product searching and browsing, product pages, virtual shopping carts, checkout flows, and purchase confirmations — there’s a lot to consider when it comes to eCommerce UX design. 

A shop or marketplace that is simultaneously pleasing to see and use always prioritizes the customer and their needs. Through user research and collaborative workshops, we help you plan and visualize every user journey, so the path from consideration to checkout is as seamless as possible.

Custom eCommerce UX design is all about customized user experiences, and we know good ones when we see them. Our approach puts the spotlight on your customers — both old and new — while keeping the latest analytics, trends, and complexities of eCommerce in mind. All of this comes together to build a compelling shopping experience that engages customers and sets you up for the long-term.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Big Human did an amazing job with the refresh of our brand and the complete redesign of our e-commerce site. The team was consistently easy to work with, responsive, and always game to innovate and find new ways to communicate our brand to the audience."

Joseph Piekarski, CEO at 1800wheelchair

"Throughout the project, the agency was communicative, adding a personal touch to our collaboration, and demonstrated a genuine care for the project's success."

Head of Design at Cryptocurrency Exchanger & Custodian

Digital Strategy

We know how to solve problems — and any solution starts with a solid strategy. Big Human strategists can guide you through and around any hurdles.

eCommerce App Development

No eCommerce brand is built for success without a user-friendly mobile app. Our teams create stellar experiences and seamless functionalities from start to finish.

Our design team curates visual directions and style guides that help you connect with your customers and move your inventory.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to eCommerce UX design. We develop every app and website with customized functionalities and integrations for a truly tailored experience.

Digital product design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about optimizing the user experience. We build intuitive user flows and plan ahead for enriched web accessibility features.

Testing is one of the most important steps in UX design for eCommerce companies. We use both low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes to make sure your shop or marketplace functions correctly and meets users’ needs.

Our eCommerce UX Design Process

Every eCommerce brand is different and has their own unique set of customers. There isn’t a systematic formula for designing digital stores, but we do have our own set of processes that ensures yours is as personalized as possible.

Research and Discovery
User Personas and Journeys
Design and Iterate
Test and Validate

Research and Discovery

Our projects always start with the research phase. Here, we gain valuable insights on our clients, their customers, and their competitors through stakeholder interviews, collaborative workshops, competitive analyses, and user research. This step lays the foundation for a solutions-oriented design that puts users’ needs first.

User Personas and Journeys

We take the learnings from our first phase to develop user personas that help us understand how customers might interact with your app or website. The user journey — the way users navigate a website or app to reach a specific goal or action — heavily influences design. At this stage, our design team strategically outlines the overall structure of your digital product with key features, functionalities, and intuitive user flows.

Design and Iterate

After carefully mapping out every page of your app or website, Big Human designers present a few designs that cleverly merge form and function. Our custom eCommerce UX designs focus on the end user, producing an experience that’s both efficient and effective.

Test and Validate

We create digital products that are not only beautifully designed but fully operational. We test usability and functionality with interactive prototypes to make sure your app or website works on every device before you’re even set to launch.

eCommerce UX Design Work at Big Human

Big Human is an eCommerce UX design company that knows how to innovate the digital landscape while keeping users top of mind. At the end of our project, we’ll deliver a digital product that meets your customers’ needs and keeps them coming back for more.

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