Est. 2010

This is Big Human

Big Human is a technology, design, and branding company. Our team of designers, engineers, writers, and strategists build products and companies that help technology and humanity evolve together — responsibly. Although we’re technically based in the New York metropolitan area, we work remotely (and get together often).

For over a decade, we’ve been solving complex problems, creating beautiful digital experiences, developing world-class brands, and incubating our own ideas. You may have heard of HQ Trivia, Vine, and Subdial, our first-responder alternatives app — all born out of the Big Human office — or seen the work we’ve done for brands like Whistle, Rockefeller Center, Gemini, and Netflix.

With our small but mighty team, we’ve been able to help people understand what they’re watching, invest in cryptocurrency, access food in low-income communities, and take better care of their pets.


We define the Big Human experience — what we do, how we work, who we work with, and who we hire — by our company’s values.

We’re supportive. We do everything we can to foster a workplace that caters to creativity, mental wellness, and a healthy work-life balance.

We’re grounded. We think big, but remain realistic and keep our egos in check. We’re passionate. Creativity breeds passion, and we bring that level of commitment and excitement to every Big Human project — whether it’s for a client or a digital product of our own.

We’re forward-thinking. We don’t just build for the here and now; we create brands and digital products that are strategically positioned to evolve and expand over time. We’re accountable. While we may function as individuals, we execute as a team.


2011: We build a new app for Jetsetter. Rumor has it that it inspired Apple to use flat design in iOS.






Client Wish List

Some brands we admire (and would love to work with).