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Localizing the streaming experience



Original, functional, and creative website design is at the center of everything we create. We’re obsessed with user experience, designing not for ourselves but for real people with real needs. 

At Big Human, we design innovative technologies and translate businesses into brands, apps, websites, and digital products. We obsess over perfecting design elements like typography, visual styling, iconography, illustration, and layout. And, most importantly, we hold ourselves to high standards, pushing boundaries to design new things that feel intuitive (and look incredible).

More than a website

Our priority as a top creative web design agency is to create excellent digital products that are not just useful but become products your customer wants to use again and again. We believe the best websites and platforms are organized, user-friendly (which increases adoption and retention), and cater to individual needs. Even the most complex information can be broken down into digestible pieces, and we’re here to help our clients accomplish that.

Seamless User Experience

If there’s one golden rule in Big Human’s approach to creative web design, it’s this: It is always all about the end-user (your clients and customers) and your business needs. Big Human bridges the gap between the two. Great UX is part design, part engineering. It should be intuitive and seamlessly integrate into a user’s overall journey and aid in the end goal of your company. 

User Flows

Do you know what a user flow is or how it applies to your website? A user flow is a visualization of the journey a user takes on your site (or app). Our job is to help you figure out the right user flow for your particular web design. Too long and people drop off. Too short, and maybe you miss capturing critical information. 

We create user flows that map out each of the steps a user needs to take in order to complete a given task. User flows not only help with UX decisions during creative web design but can also help shine a light on friction points during analysis and refinement, helping improve your overall product.

Information Architecture

What’s the point of a product that no one can figure out how to use? Pretty designs and neat features are only as impactful as their ease of use. If your information architecture or IA is weak — meaning people can’t find what they need and want easily — then your site or digital product needs revisiting. 

People are visual learners, and that’s something we’ve mastered. With the capability to create images and videos that convey clear messages and grab users’ attention, we can bring any webpage to life, providing clients with an impactful creative advantage.

Illustrations are excellent tools to use to explain a process or provide an example. Think about the number of times you’ve read an instruction manual versus just looking at the step-by-step “how-to” illustration included with the instructions. We’ve created custom illustrations for multinational financial institutions, startups in the healthcare space, and the City of New York.

Big Human is a web design agency that understands the importance of icons as tools to pack a ton of information into one quick visual punch. In this age of content fatigue, we turn words and way-finding into sleek, little images that can be used on a site, an app, or across any sort of marketing collateral and sales decks. The added bonus for our clients: customized icons help to not just cohesively distinguish their brand but also give them more flexibility in brand design.

Bringing our creative web design to life can happen in various ways, and we love the magic that happens when we add motion to a brand's design system. Motion graphics are wonderful tools to engage viewers and explain how a product — especially software as a service — works.

Creative Web Design Process

Our creative web design services and capabilities always push boundaries. We only design things that feel intuitive and result in a more efficient process and more effective products.

Competitive Audit
Persona Development
Site Maps & Wireframes
Design & Redefine


Understanding our client’s world is a process that is specific to each client. Our discovery phase consists of exercises such as user research and product definition to determine what the user and the client’s goals are.

Competitive Audit

We conduct competitive and landscape audits in order to connect learnings and make observations that inform internal site audits and possible areas of opportunity.

Persona Development

Our team often develops user personas and maps user journeys to understand how the audience might navigate the website. With the help of a creative web design agency, a company’s persona can turn a customer into a brand believer.

Site Maps & Wireframes

High-level site map overviews and wireframes of key screens inform our design approach as we create beautifully designed and optimized websites.

Design & Redefine

At Big Human, we want to understand your user’s behavior and align our visual directions with their needs. Our services and capabilities as a top creative web design agency always have the end user and their experience in mind. We only design things that feel intuitive and result in a more efficient process and more effective products.

Website Design at Big Human

Engineering-ready creative web design is our specialty. UX wireframes, prototyping, motion design, illustration, and iconography… whatever you choose, we’ll work with you to innovate, solve problems, and respond to the needs of your users. Work with Big Human, and we’ll deliver a full package with custom product style guides, assets, and ongoing support.

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