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Big Human has been a leading design, technology, and branding company since 2010, and our technical team has earned us a spot as one of the top FinTech app development agencies out there today. 

TD Ameritrade

Broadening the scope of innovation


FinTech App Development — Overview

Whether we’re building an app for banking, investments, personal finance, crypto trading, or any other FinTech solution, we have the skills to help you launch a product that will break through the noise and have a powerful impact on the industry.

At Big Human, we deploy creative solutions to solve some of the most complex problems in the FinTech world. Our design and development teams love working with our clients to create new, efficient, and beautifully designed products that offer a memorable experience.

With Big Human’s FinTech mobile app development services, you’ll have professionals working with you at the leading edge of design and technology. We take pride in building apps that both look great and function efficiently but also set new standards in the industry.

What Comes Next

We do more than develop apps: We create solutions, design ideas, solve problems, and invent new processes.

With Big Human’s FinTech mobile app development services, you’ll have professionals working with you at the leading edge of design and technology. We take pride in building apps that both look great and function efficiently but also set new standards in the industry.

FinTech App Development Case Study

Big Human served as TD Ameritrade’s agency of record for nearly 10 years. Throughout that time period, we worked on iterating the brokerage firm’s iOS and Android apps and helping to bring them into the era of 21st-century innovation — among other projects. One notable chapter of our partnership was the creation of the mobile app thinkorswim, a platform where traders could access TD Ameritrade's services. We built the app's UX so it felt intuitive, and we also expanded the customer support capabilities to include live screen sharing.

Read the full case study here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The app designed by Big Human has been ranked highly for its UX, rating no less than four stars in the App Store since its release. The adaptive team is able to take on existing frameworks and integrate with internal systems."

Independent Consultant, Self-Employed

"The agency executed the architecture, database structure, and algorithm exceptionally well, ensuring that the final product met RoomZoom's expectations."

Elien Blue Becque, Founder at RoomZoom

Digital Branding Services

Every element your users see and interact with is an opportunity to reinforce who you are and how you stand out from the competition.

FinTech Branding

Balancing the strict protocols of the FinTech industry with the nuances of your brand’s DNA is a tough job, but it’s something that Big Human, as a top FinTech branding agency, has been doing for years.

Not only do we understand the latest FinTech app features, but we also look to set new trends for digital product design and development. Our team is obsessed with creating products that have a distinctive look and feel while also being functional, attractive, and innovative in terms of functionality.

Our developers get excited to take on complex challenges, explore new ideas, iterate, test, and do it again until we have the ideal digital FinTech product.

We’re a FinTech app development company focused on building products that break industry molds and boost your return on investment. Our developers and engineers are equipped to deploy any solution you need to integrate into your business.

Invest in a top-notch FinTech app development company that can integrate an array of payment gateways, and even build your own payment system – whether your monetization model is based on subscriptions, transactional fees, ads, and referrals, or selling big data; we got you covered.

Fintech App Development

We’re a “human-first” agency that creates custom solutions for every client. All FinTech app development projects have different needs; whether you’re creating a banking, lending, or trading app, we’ll make sure our range of FinTech app development and support is tailored to your needs. We also focused on adding value to your business, and we can only achieve that by considering the brand, user needs, user experience, and technology. Our cross-platform solutions will provide every user with an enhanced, innovative experience.

Quality assurance


Our developers and designers work with your team to understand the business needs of your FinTech app. What are your goals and objectives? This helps us integrate the front and back-office services that will best suit your FinTech app.


Our FinTech app developers will work with you through concepting, wireframing, user testing, quality assurance, and more to ensure scalability, security, and performance. Once we determine your stack of services, we begin the development process. This is done in sprints determined by your priorities, and there’s flexibility when and where needed.


Protecting the entire infrastructure is our top priority when working on FinTech app development projects. From the back end to the network hosting it, our development team will employ the latest and greatest cybersecurity solutions and protocols to prioritize your application’s security.

Quality assurance

Our agile process allows us to pivot and provide QA as early as possible. We polish the product throughout (not just at the end) to ensure we meet client expectations and user needs.

FinTech App Development at Big Human

Big Human has worked on some of the most innovative digital design projects in FinTech.  For us, the challenge of FinTech app development projects goes beyond developing a functional platform and deploying app features. We also want to develop a product and experience that balances efficiency, scalability, compliance, and security so you and your end user can conduct business with security and trust.

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