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We’re Big Humans who also want to be good humans. That’s why nonprofit branding work is especially important to us, and we enjoy partnering with clients whose values align with ours.


Modernizing New York City’s food pantry system


Why Nonprofits?

If there’s one common thread with every nonprofit branding project, it’s human connection and the relationships we build through trust. At the widest part of the funnel and the narrowest, we know how to communicate with audiences at every level. We actively look for opportunities in your messaging and visual elements to engage with audiences, spread the word about your mission, and most importantly, do good in the world.

In the past, we’ve helped organizations create entirely new products and services to serve their communities (Plentiful) and we’ve even incubated our own first-responder alternatives app, Subdial.

Our Role in Nonprofit Branding

As a branding and design company, our nonprofit brand strategy is rooted in producing experiences that inspire and incite positive change. We know the most change happens when your audience believes in you and what you do, and that’s why defining who you are — through both visuals and messaging — is one of the most important steps.

We take a holistic look at your name, brand personality, mission statement, audience, and communications strategy to identify areas we can elevate and revamp. Whether you’re rebranding an established organization or building something new from the ground up, our agile and forward-thinking approach means we’re ready to join you at any point in your brand journey.

What Does Branding for Nonprofits Look Like?

We’re inspired when our nonprofit clients are truly passionate about what they do. That passion often rubs off on us and that makes bringing these ideas to life all the more special. We work in close collaboration in every aspect of your brand to give you a complete brand identity that can grow as you do.

When launching a new nonprofit or rebranding an existing one, it’s important for your audience to become your advocates. They’re the ones who will invest in your organization and keep your mission moving forward, so you want to make sure they remember you. This is why building trust and recognition is one of the first steps in a fully realized brand vision and strategy.

As a nonprofit branding agency, we think about every audience interaction. We believe every touchpoint, from your logo to the copy on your website, is an opportunity to cultivate an honest relationship with your audience. A key component of that is ensuring your brand and its story accurately represents your personality, values, and differentiators.

Nonprofit Branding Case Study: Plentiful

Plentiful, the easy-to-use reservation system for food pantries and the people they serve, approached Big Human in 2016, when they needed a name, a visual identity, an app, and a website. Together, we created an impactful nonprofit brand that continues to help out communities. Years later, in 2023, Plentiful, continues to grow. Since its release, Plentiful has added an average of nearly 14,000 new clients per month. The insights Plentiful gathers help inform and improve pantry operations throughout the city — all while making the system more accessible and welcoming.

Read the full case study here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The team was consistently easy to work with, responsive, and always game to innovate and find new ways to communicate our brand to the audience. The engagement was completed with brand guidelines that we continue to implement at conventions and sales events."

Joseph Piekarski, CEO at 1800Wheelchair

Nonprofit App Development

Whether we’re helping those fighting food insecurity, expanding children’s arts education programs, or building our own digital products, nonprofit app development allows us to bring ideas and concepts to fruition

Editorial Services

Our award-winning writers and strategists are ready to help you effectively tell your brand’s story through SEO, copywriting, content management, and email marketing tactics.

We’re certainly ready to dive head first into any project, but we always start with research. Before we map out your future, we first need to understand your present (and sometimes past). Our team of strategists examine your brand history, unique value propositions, and similar organizations in your field of interest.

The heart of nonprofit branding lies in the brand identity. This means discovering the values and characteristics that set your nonprofit apart, and that includes building your organization’s personality and tone of voice, and drafting messaging that resonates with your audience.

After we work together to figure out who you are and how you’d like to present yourself to the world, we take a look at your most important audience touchpoint: your name. Since a name is one of the first elements people interact with, a good one is paramount to your identity and future success. Even if you already have a one, Big Human strategists explore all avenues to make sure your name aligns with your nonprofit’s mission and values.

Just like your name, your brand’s visual identity is a point of interaction. A strong design is eye-catching and memorable, communicating who you are and allowing you to establish both mental and emotional connections with your audience.

Our Nonprofit Branding Process

We have quite a few brand projects under our belt, but as a branding agency for nonprofits, Big Human prioritizes two things: positioning and visual identity. These two elements blend together to create a brand whose mission is clearly defined and different among the others. Our design team develops new visual elements (logos, colors, iconography, illustrations, and more) or expands on what you already have. Big Human strategists and copywriters then brainstorm new names, brand statements, and internal positioning and messaging guidelines that help you navigate external interactions.

Research & Discovery
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Visual Identity

Research & Discovery

We tailor our discovery phase depending on the project, but it usually consists of collaborative exercises like audience research, competitive analyses, brand audits, and stakeholder interviews to better understand your organization and uncover your goals. This is the phase where we delve deep into your needs with personalized workshops and roundtable discussions.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Think of every element your audience sees and interacts with as an opportunity for them to get to know who you are and why your work is important. This begins with brand positioning — your guidepost for all future endeavors. Our brand positioning work includes these thoroughly researched components: brand pillars, brand personality, brand value propositions, and identity, mission, value, and category statements.


Our team of strategists and copywriters build on your brand strategy to craft statements and messaging guidelines that account for every part of the audience journey. Here is where we get a little more granular and define your tone of voice, segment messaging by audience type, compose boilerplate copy, and outline your glossary and grammar guide.

Visual Identity

Big Human designers are kind of like artistic analysts. They look at every individual visual element to create a multifaceted design system you can use for both internal and external communications. At the end of our projects, we send our clients home with a comprehensive visual identity system that includes a logo, branded color palette, and guidelines for typography, iconography, photography, and illustrations. See some examples of past designs for nonprofit programs here.

Nonprofit Branding at Big Human

As one of the best nonprofit branding agencies, we strive to make sure how you look and sound reflects who you are and what you do. At the end of our project, you’ll have a carefully outlined and customized brand that will carry your nonprofit over every threshold.

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