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Email marketing isn’t bound to a single industry; for companies across the board, it’s one of the most impactful and efficient ways to promote your business and maintain positive relationships with your audience. As a full-service email marketing agency, Big Human understands exactly what it takes to develop an email marketing strategy that engages and converts.

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Our role in email marketing

Big Human is not a one-and-done newsletter company; we’re with you from the content brainstorm to the analytics digest. We take a holistic look at your email marketing needs and then find strategic ways to meet your goals — from increasing traffic and conversions to boosting engagement and subscriber totals. If you want to make your campaigns more enticing with branded visuals, we’ll also make sure content and design seamlessly come together to tell a complete story.

Since an email marketing campaign’s biggest driving force is the audience, the Big Human team assesses every interaction to pinpoint opportunities to connect with the people you’re trying to reach. Our user-centered approach to email marketing creates a seamless, personalized experience throughout the customer journey. This helps you build consistent connections with your customers, and in turn, power results.

What does email marketing look like?

As an email marketing agency, we always start our projects by identifying our clients’ needs and goals, diagnosing their audience's health, and evaluating the content they share. Once we’ve done our research, we strategize and create an email marketing plan that cleverly addresses goals, targets audiences, produces engaging content, and sets a regular (or dynamic) deployment schedule. 

After each campaign is sent, the Big Human team breaks down performance data and audience insights to actively improve and refine future email campaigns. An email is the most effective when you send it to the right people (at the right time), so part of our job includes a frequent run-through of your audience. This helps cultivate and establish a positive sender reputation, which is an important element in email deliverability.

Fun fact: Our work on Rockefeller Center's weekly email was a finalist in the "Best Newsletter" category in the Digiday Media Awards.

Our copywriters and editors know an email is carried by the story it tells. From the subject line to the newsletter signup page, we carefully craft copy for maximum engagement and conversion.

In addition to performance monitoring, our email marketing services include a deep dive into your audience. We work to understand their behavior — what they’re most interested in and how they interact with your content — so we can tailor and optimize future campaigns with personalized insights.

As a full-service email marketing agency, we don’t just focus on maintaining the database you already have. We also develop acquisition plans that encourage subscriber growth at scale and perform routine audience audits to help maintain positive sender reputations and resolve deliverability issues.

Email marketing is all about timing; it’s important to leverage every chance to connect with your audience throughout the customer journey. The Big Human team can help you set up automated, activity-generated campaigns, so you can reach your audience at the right time, every time.

Our Email Marketing Process

When it comes to email marketing, each one of our clients has different needs and goals. While we certainly know how to adapt to any change, we tackle every email marketing project with a thorough, five-pronged approach.

Strategy and Discovery

Strategy and Discovery

Anyone can write an email, but it takes strategic planning for an email marketing campaign to be successful. We examine key communication points and opportunities within the customer journey to create a publishing calendar and tactical roadmap that incorporates content and email best practices.


Since words and visuals work together to thread a cohesive story, we often loop our designers into our email marketing projects. It doesn’t matter if our clients need only a few new elements or full brand identities; Big Human designers are ready to create email campaigns that are visually engaging and leave lasting impressions on your audience.


Channeling your brand personality and voice, our copywriters and editors pen conversion-driven copy that speaks to and interests your audience. Every piece of content is meticulously checked for grammar and accuracy to ensure you produce the most compelling email marketing campaigns possible. Our creative process is always open to constructive feedback, and our flexibility means we’re able to craft copy that effectively meets your goals and skillfully reflects your vision.


We’re an email marketing agency that always looks for ways to improve, so we regularly A/B test email campaigns to gain audience insights and optimize performance. A/B testing helps us find the ideal way (and time) to deliver content subscribers want to see — a best practice that continuously refines the email marketing process and maximizes your output.


Big Human’s email marketing services don’t end after we press “send.” We’re with you through every campaign, analyzing performance to inform future strategies and studying customer behavior to segment audiences and keep your contact lists clean.

Email Marketing at Big Human

When clients come to Big Human, we work together to make sure their audience knows they’re the priority. Our people-focused methods and techniques set the foundation for an email marketing strategy that consistently drives results and builds meaningful relationships with your customers.

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