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When it comes to the look and feel of a digital product, every touchpoint matters. And when you work with a top UI/UX agency, your product has a higher chance of gaining a loyal customer and life-long user within the first few interactions.


Optimizing the UX of booking and managing tasks

UX/UI Design


Big Human helps forward-thinking companies build products that are easy to use, transformative, dynamic, and lead users to take action.

Whether it’s a mobile app, a website, or any digital product you dream of building, the Big Human team has the expertise and skills to take you from the beginning of an idea to a fully designed and developed product. Our UI/UX services include strategy, user flows, site maps, prototyping, user testing, and more. 

The Power of UI/UX Design

Today’s consumers expect more from brands than they ever did in the past. With the right UI/UX design, you can meet these demands while creating digital experiences that offer unparalleled value to your target audience. The UI/UX designers at Big Human are experienced across industries and product categories, and we bring a diverse skill set to the table and tailor the team to the needs of each client. 

UI/UX Case Study

When TaskRabbit approached Big Human for help with the UI/UX design on their website and app, one thing was clear: Streamlining was the top priority. After completing a light research phase to familiarize ourselves with the client's users and their pain points, we got to work updating the flow of the website and native app with a new-and-improved sitemap and navigation. Starting with preliminary designs that developed into high-fidelity prototypes, we delivered UI/UX designs that solved the largest issues with TaskRabbit's booking and post-booking processes. But that's just a light overview of the project; you can read the full case study here.

What features will your users like? What are their goals? We conduct research and competitive and landscape analyses to learn about other companies' UX patterns and how we can differentiate your brand and achieve user satisfaction.

At Big Human, we do UI/UX design for a variety of digital products, including mobile apps, web apps, dashboards, marketing websites, and one-off custom websites. Our process is always research-backed and iterative, and we validate at every stage.

Bad UI/X is like stopping at an unfamiliar grocery store to pick up a couple of essentials. You spend way too long looking for things and then get stuck in line at a slow checkout counter. That’s why enlisting a top UI and UX design agency leads to more conversions. Everyone loves an organized visit, clear instructions, and quick and effective functionalities. 

A skilled UI/UX design company will do more than design and develop functional products; at Big Human, we build products that drive interactions and keep users engaged.

UI/UX Design Process

To deliver on the promise of a fantastic user experience, you need a broad set of skills. As a full-service UX design company, Big Human works closely with clients to define, design, and develop great user experiences across platforms, whether it’s UI/UX design for custom websites, fun quizzes, maps, long-form article pages, eCommerce platforms, enterprise dashboards, mobile apps, etc.

User Story Definition
User Flows and Architecture
Wireframes and Sitemaps


Meeting with stakeholders is usually the first step in understanding the goals, needs, and pain points of a product and its market. From there, we can begin to determine the direction our designers can work toward.


This stage focuses on the success (and failures) of other products and how yours can set a precedent for the industry. Competitive analyses tend to reveal gaps in the market and showcase new ways your digital product can bring value to users.

User Story Definition

At this point in the UI/UX design process, we’ll begin crafting and implementing user stories describing features and functionalities. A user story keeps designers focused on user goals and helps organize and prioritize screen design. Each user story has implications for both designers and developers, which helps keep stakeholders focused on the same goals and facilitates cooperation.

User Flows and Architecture

Users want to find the information they need quickly and seamlessly — and we’re in the business of arranging and structuring content to make that happen.

Wireframes and Sitemaps

Our prototyping services are the ideal solution for testing and refining the UI/UX design of your product. We build prototypes to test the broader designs of the entire product as well as lighter prototypes that focus on specific elements.

UI/UX Design at Big Human

We’re a UI/UX design agency that creates memorable user experiences and intuitive interfaces that spark action and build loyalty. We have all the capabilities needed to unlock growth through human-centric design. But don’t just take our word for it, explore our past projects and see for yourself. 

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