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Big Human’s digital strategy services include three main pillars: product strategy, business strategy, and brand strategy. When we approach strategic projects — whether it’s helping a startup with a high-level idea or pivoting an established company’s digital presence — our goal is to arrive at a solution that not only works but makes sense for your team. 

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Our Role in Digital Strategy

When it comes to digital strategy, we don't simply hand clients a deck with a lofty goal; we utilize all of our resources to create a tactical, detailed plan and execution strategy.

This approach stems from our guiding light: solving digital problems. Big Human strategists guide clients through and around any hurdles, whether they want to develop a new product, business, or brand. Our action-oriented and collaborative approach leads to practical, proven digital solutions (scroll to learn about what we've implemented for NYC icon Rockefeller Center).

Problems are only problems until you face them head-on. With a holistic, data-driven strategy service as your first defense, any digital pinch you’re in is well within your control. But, we've found it's not enough to simply identify gaps. As the best digital strategy agency (in New York and beyond), we use all the tools, designers, developers, and strategists at our disposal to ensure you’re getting the digital strategy services you need.

We've also discovered – over decades of projects — that digital strategy is unique to you and your brand. At Big Human, we want to help you achieve results by establishing agile processes and offering custom-made solutions.

And no, we're not an agency in the business of putting together a digital strategy that only looks good on paper. We measure the success of our services by how much value they bring to our clients and our clients' audiences, as well as the impact they make in the digital landscape.

Digital Strategy Case Study

"Digital strategy" is a broad term, but one client in particular stands out as a project where we continuously bring product strategy, business strategy, and brand strategy together to produce a seamless, effective digital experience. There's a good chance you've visited Rockefeller Center. Since 2021, Big Human has served as its digital agency of record — maintaining its online magazine, weekly newsletter, and analytics, and spearheading the development of a variety of web functionalities, including ticketing and localizations. Our partnership is ongoing, but can learn more by reading the full case study here.

Digital product strategy includes identifying your minimum viable product’s (MVP) features as well as your intended audience, defining product-market fit, understanding the technology to build it, A/B testing, creating launch tactics, and more.

If you’re still figuring out how can your business establish itself and grow — whether it’s venture backed or bootstrapped — our team can help. We assist with revenue models, subscription models, hiring strategy, and staffing vs. engaging with a studio, to name a few focus areas.

You might know a good brand when you see one, but it’s always a combination of factors that create that engaging, memorable brand. Those include naming, understanding personas, positioning, messaging, tone of voice, and personality — all of which are Big Human specialties.

People are visual learners, and that’s something we’ve mastered. With the capability to create images and videos that convey clear messages and grab users’ attention, we can bring any webpage to life, providing clients with an impactful creative advantage.

Our Digital Strategy Process

Big Human is ready to assist you in finding a stronger, more suitable path forward for your business, product, and audience. Here’s what that process typically looks like.

Planning & Design
Test, Iterate, & Launch


Each strategy engagement typically begin with a discovery phase, where we conduct stakeholder and user interviews, technical research, and competitive analyses. This results in a thorough understanding and definition of your product or brand.

Planning & Design

With a clear strategy, our designers have a solid jumping-off point for the next phase. Visual research, high-level site map overviews, and wireframes help create a picture of what will become a finished, finalized design — whether it’s a product or a brand.


So you have a product strategy, now it’s time to put it in action. Our engineering team will take the lead here. Read more about our development services.

Test, Iterate, & Launch

Test, iterate, test again, launch, and learn — we take the leanest and most efficient approach to successfully get your product, brand, or company into the hands (or eyes) of your target audience.

Strategy Work

We’ve helped many clients find success online by arriving at solutions that make sense for their product, industry, and team. Whether you’re a trailblazing founder looking to break the industry mold by reimagining a product or service or a veteran with an established organization looking to challenge assumptions and test opportunities, we’re here to help.

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