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If you Googled “SEO content strategy agency” and the search results led you here, then you just experienced Big Human’s SEO content strategy services firsthand. Our award-winning content team (we were a finalist in the 2023 Shorty Awards in the “Search” category) bundles everything you need to rank on a search engine results page in one, neat package — all tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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Our Role in SEO Content Strategy

Search engine optimization isn’t an easy thing to leverage; when it’s done right, though, it has the power to increase your company’s visibility. As a top SEO content strategy agency, we’re aware SEO isn’t one-size-fits-all. Taking the same care with your content as we do ours, we dive deep into who you are to create a personalized strategy that maximizes output and impact. Whether your goal is to increase awareness, boost SERP rankings, or establish yourself as an industry thought leader, we’ve got the skills you need to make it happen.

However, our strategies aren’t just content-specific; we take your overall online presence into account, too. The Big Human design and development teams are on hand to ensure your website is primed for both your audience and search engines, streamlining the information architecture and navigation. This multidimensional approach is the key to driving organic traffic, conversions, and revenue.

What does an SEO content strategy look like?

Once we’ve conducted an extensive audit that examines your needs, goals, content, audience, and competitors, we’ll benchmark your current SEO performance and keyword rankings. This is a crucial step; before we can map out where you’re going, we first need to evaluate where you’ve been.

An SEO content strategy is essentially a list of action items that prioritizes content and its structure to boost search rankings and organic traffic. With this in mind, Big Human masterfully leverages local, on-page, and technical SEO best practices to produce a detailed strategy that outlines where and how you can build topical authority. This includes plans for addressing high-value subjects, snippet opportunities, backlink building, website architecture, and more. We’ll also help you regularly monitor performance, keeping our eyes peeled for ways to finetune and improve.

Our SEO content strategy services encompass much more than just content creation. Big Human’s nimble yet systematic approach spares no effort, blending keyword-rich copy with artfully designed and cleverly developed websites. (However, if content is all you need, we’re more than happy to oblige.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Big Human revamped Rockefeller Center's online blog, The Center Magazine, and its corresponding newsletter, The Center, to elevate the brand, entice visitors, and raise excitement around on-campus happenings."

Cristina Tsanas, Marketing Director at Tishman Speyer

"They are really good at ideation, production, and several other aspects. I can go to them for a wide variety of tasks."

Independent Consultant, Self-Employed

Digital Strategy

We know how to solve problems — and any solution starts with a solid strategy. Big Human strategists can guide you through and around any hurdles.

Content Marketing Services

A digital product cannot live without content. Focusing on your expertise, we’ll capture your voice and keep your message consistent across channels to support your marketing efforts.

After assessing your current benchmarks, we’ll give you a definitive list of recommendations for keywords to rank for and topics where you can prove your industry knowledge. Our report will uncover new SEO opportunities, note areas for improvement, and find tactful yet thoughtful ways to connect with your audience.

Link building is another useful tactic in broadening your search engine visibility and general web authority. If other websites include your links in their own content, search engines see that as added quality assurance. To help you build backlinks (and a trustworthy reputation), the Big Human team will also look into larger content marketing and outreach strategies. 

SEO is fueled by content, so you have to store all of it somewhere. Our in-house developers can connect your website to a customizable content management system where you can quickly and efficiently organize your content. If you want to integrate specific plug-ins or need custom code to get everything in working order, our engineers can do that, too.

For an SEO content strategy to truly be successful, you have to look at the bigger picture before you can focus on the details. Big Human analyzes your content’s performance, identifying key metrics and providing data-driven insights that’ll inform and improve your overarching strategy.

Our SEO Content Strategy Process

We often adapt our process to accommodate each client’s goals and needs, but Big Human’s SEO content strategy services typically follow these four important stages.

Strategy and Discovery
Content Creation
Design and Development
Campaign Management

Strategy and Discovery

As an SEO content strategy agency, we begin all of our projects with thorough research. We dissect your needs, goals, audience, and competitors to determine essential benchmarks, future KPIs, and relevant opportunities for overall visibility. Along with keyword and subject matter research, we also conduct an audit of your existing content to see what’s currently serving you and what’s not. Then, we establish a nuanced strategy that’ll guide content creation, design, and development.

Content Creation

Big Human writers and editors get straight to work on crafting semantically rich copy and elevating the content you already have — with your brand voice in mind, of course. Our team’s razor-sharp eyes will ensure every piece of content we produce (even alt text) is accurate, grammatically correct, and targets strategically chosen keywords and topics. If the project calls for it, we’ll also outline a distribution and outreach strategy to expand and promote visibility.

Design and Development

We believe that content, design, and development need to work together to create a cohesive SEO content strategy and experience for your audience. That’s why this phase is done in tandem with Content Creation and Distribution. While our designers make engaging visuals and enhance your website’s information architecture, our engineers make sure your site is highly performant and optimized for search with tech-forward integrations and custom code.

Campaign Management

SEO is an ever-changing field that requires routine evaluations. To ensure you’re producing valuable content that consistently ranks on search engines, Big Human monitors and measures performance. We then use these insights to systematically refine and enrich your SEO content strategy.

Our SEO Content Strategy Work

We’re proud to say we’re one of the best SEO content strategy companies around, and that’s due in part to our collaborative working style. When you partner with Big Human, you get a dedicated team that combines industry experience and expertise to craft quality, data-driven content that attracts, engages, and converts throughout the user journey.

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