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Whether you’re a budding startup or a well-established company, mobile commerce has become a crucial way to do business. With Big Human’s marketplace app development team, your organization can bring your products and services to customers with a human-centric, effective, and smooth-running marketplace app.


Optimizing the UX of booking and managing tasks

UX/UI Design


Having an experienced team of software engineers alongside a creative-minded team of UI/UX designers really makes a difference. Our marketplace app development team can build the marketplace you need – whether it’s B2B, B2C, or C2C — and we’ll find perfect solutions and deliver a product that meets your, and your users', expectations.

A marketplace app is similar to an eCommerce app, but they’re not to be confused – they’re both very different models and meet different needs.

The uniqueness of a marketplace app

An eCommerce app offers its own products and services and requires certain technologies that users have come to expect: a payment system, listing services, search capabilities, location services, etc. A marketplace, however, is a mediator that bridges the gap between sellers and buyers, making a marketplace app a place of cooperation and connection between parties.

The seller requires certain capabilities from a marketplace app; these are things like controlling and editing their listings, inventory automations, delivery, and payment solutions, to name a few. And the buyer needs other tools as well: secure payment methods, profile creation, shopping cart, messaging capabilities, and more.

A successful online marketplace app development project is scalable, responsive, and easy to navigate. Mobile commerce has become everyone’s preferred way to shop because it’s quick, effective, and frictionless (or it should be).

Marketplace App Development Case Study

When it comes to Big Human's work with digital marketplaces, one client, in particular, stands out: TaskRabbit. Our development team didn't tackle this one (although they certainly have the skillset for a marketplace app like this), our strategists and designers provided dev-ready assets for the client's global online platform.

Read the full case study here.

Startup Branding

At Big Human, we often partner with startups. We believe brands all start with a meaning that can be part of every aspect of your business. More than ever, it’s important to stand out among the competition and create a distinct, memorable brand throughout the entire product experience.

Databases are tricky, scary things; we know. That’s why when you come to us for online marketplace app development, we’ll create a custom database that’s structured to make your app function as fast as possible and requires minimal upkeep to continue running efficiently.

A well-thought-out and coded marketplace app allows high-level automations. Transactions are processed automatically, sellers and buyers can communicate seamlessly, and orders are processed, shipped, and accounted for in the back end without disruptions. With an expert team of online marketplace app developers like Big Human, your app will require less manual admin than ever.

Integrating third-party solutions into our projects is no unfamiliar task, and our engineers will integrate everything you need while maintaining fast loading speeds. 

Different types of marketplaces need different capabilities. Whether your marketplace app development project sells products or services or educational resources and information, our engineers will find the solutions you need to integrate to your project.

Marketplace App Development Company

At Big Human, our marketplace app development process is focused on client engagement and satisfaction. We want to fully understand what you need so we can deliver an app that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Defining your Stack
Refinement and Quality Assurance


We start by getting to know as much as we can about your company. You give us your business requirements, and we’ll help on the tech side. Our team will look at your competitors and market leaders, finding focus and ideating solutions for a marketplace app development project that will make your stand out. Using a variety of user research strategies (including drafting user personas and speaking to stakeholders directly), we collect data that will allow our team to develop a truly human-centric app.

Defining your Stack

The next phase is where we define your tech stack. What are the different layers of your app? What technologies do you need? The framework and tools we use during online marketplace app development projects vary. Our developers are knowledgeable across many languages, platforms, and operating systems and can build custom solutions for every application.


This is where we start giving life to what was once just an idea. Our marketplace app developers use an Agile development process, which means that we'll show you regular updates and get your feedback along the way. We take a modular approach to development, which means we build each piece of the app separately, allowing us to make changes quickly, keeping your marketplace app scalable and easy to maintain.

Refinement and Quality Assurance

Before releasing your marketplace app out into the wild, we make sure it’s perfect. We test every aspect of the app — compatibility, accessibility, ease of use, and everything in between — and if we discover any flaws or areas of opportunity, we make sure they’re resolved before hitting the market.

Marketplace App Development at Big Human

We know how to get a great product up on the App Store and Google Play. Big Human’s marketplace app developers have the experience and the expertise to build unique products, no matter the complexity. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

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