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Node.js is one of the most popular and efficient javascript runtimes available today. It’s fast, scalable, and can handle concurrent requests with ease. 

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Big Human specializes in high-performance, scalable applications that can handle large amounts of data and traffic. Our team of Node.js experts live and breathe its ecosystem of libraries and tools.

Node.js is one of the most popular and efficient javascript runtimes available today. It’s fast, scalable, and can handle concurrent requests with ease. 

As a Node.js app development company, we understand the ins and outs of this javascript framework. We know how to utilize its non-blocking I/O model and event-driven architecture to create high-performance applications. And we’re not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to experimentation and innovation.

Why Node.js?

Real-Time Chats

One of the most popular applications to build with this framework, Node.js Event API supports real-time chats by providing an easy way to handle events and notifications. We can use this to our advantage to develop chatbots, instant messaging apps, and more. We also use it to implement features like server-side events and push notifications.

Collaboration Apps

Thanks to its speed and scalability, Node.js is ideal for building collaboration apps like Google Docs, Slack, and Trello. Our Node.js development services utilize its event-driven architecture to allow multiple users to edit and view documents in real-time.

Data-Heavy Apps

Node.js is the perfect platform for developing data-heavy applications. Its non-blocking I/O model makes it easy to work with large amounts of data without running into performance issues. Whether you need a simple scheduling engine or a complex data processing pipeline, we can help you build it.

Internet of Things

IoT applications require a backend that can handle a large number of concurrent connections. Node.js is up to the task, making it ideal for building apps that control devices and collect data from sensors. Our Node.js app development company can help you develop everything from a smart home system to an industrial monitoring platform.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Throughout the project, the agency was communicative, adding a personal touch to our collaboration, and demonstrated a genuine care for the project's success."

Head of Design at Cryptocurrency Exchanger & Custodian

"They are really good at ideation, production, and several other aspects. I can go to them for a wide variety of tasks."

Independent Consultant, Self-Employed

Creative Web Design Agency

Our creative web design services bring your brand to life on the small screen in user-friendly, engaging, and dynamic ways.

Digital Branding Services

Every element your users see and interact with is an opportunity to reinforce who you are and how you stand out from the competition.

From simple scripts to enterprise apps, Node.js does it all. What that means for you is that Big Human can take on any project, no matter the size or scope.

Node.js is fast. Really fast. And it’s able to handle a large number of concurrent requests with ease.

Because it uses Javascript engines, Node.js streamlines and simplifies collaboration between frontend and backend developers. When end-to-end development teams can share the same tools, it's a lighter and more efficient operation.

Node's community is as dedicated as we are. With millions of NPM packages available, you can be sure that there's a Node.js solution for whatever you need

Our Process

The power of backend Javascript services lies in their ability to offload CPU-intensive tasks from the client. But with this power comes responsibility. Our Node.js specialists know server-side Javascript services like the back of their hands. They know how to minimize request latency and maximize throughput, and they use their experience to build applications that are both technically sound and easy to maintain.

Defining Your Tech Stack
Backend Development


No two apps are the same. When you need to build something innovative, it’s important to partner with a Javascript development company that takes the time to understand your project requirements. At Big Human, we start every engagement with a discovery phase. This is where we learn about your business goals, target audience, and technical constraints.

Defining Your Tech Stack

Your tech stack is your project’s foundation. Our Node.js development services start with defining your application’s architecture and choosing the appropriate tools and technologies. We confirm everything is set up for success before moving on to the next step.

Backend Development

We work in two-week sprint cycles so you can see regular progress and give feedback. This helps us ensure that we’re always on the same page and making the best possible product. Our approach to node js development is iterative, meaning we constantly refine and improve our code as we go. This helps us identify and fix issues early on, saving time and resources in the long run. By testing early and often, we can deliver a high-quality product that won't need major changes down the road.


Our job doesn’t end once your project is complete. We'll also provide you with all the necessary resources to maintain and update your application. And because our Node.js development services use industry-standard tools and technologies, you can be confident that your application will be able to scale as your business grows. - Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing: No matter how well you plan, there are always going to be bugs. That’s why we put every app through intensive QA and testing before and after launch. - User Acceptance Testing (UAT): We test your app with real users to make sure it meets their needs and expectations. - Security Testing: We test your app's security to identify and fix any potential vulnerabilities. - Performance Testing: We test your app's performance under various load conditions to ensure it can handle large amounts of traffic.

Our Node.js Development Services

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with an innovative application, we’re the Node.js development company you need. From Netflix toGemini, we've worked with some of the biggest names in tech innovation—and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. 

We've worked on plenty of our own products as well, so we know what it takes to bring an idea to life. Can you dream it? We can build it.

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