Digital Transformation

The term “digital transformation” can mean a few things. At Big Human, we view it as the integration of design, strategy, and technology — all streamlined and simplified to improve outcomes and experiences. As a digital transformation consulting company, it’s our job to help clients elevate and integrate through user-first solutions.

TD Ameritrade

Broadening the scope of innovation


How We Approach Digital Transformation

No two digital transformation projects are the same — a common theme among Big Human’s repertoire. Still, our approach to this type of work follows a general guiding principle: In order to achieve (and maintain) success, the company, platform, brand, or product must be sustainable, cost-effective, and built to withstand a dynamic environment.

Examples of Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital transformation services have been a core part of Big Human’s DNA since Day 1, even if we haven’t always used that exact name. Take our work for TD Ameritrade, for example. The near-decade-long partnership resulted in a variety of strategic upgrades and innovations, including reinventing the user experience across smartwatches and tablet devices. More recently, Big Human helped out RentHop with a two-pronged approach to user acquisition: a compelling NYC Subway ad paired with a new digital product. Rockefeller Center is another example where we use our digital transformation strategies across its user touch points. From SEO and multi-language translations to reinventing its online magazine and modernizing its ticketing flow, we continue to bring the well-known brand’s website to the forefront of technology.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Throughout the project, the agency was communicative, adding a personal touch to our collaboration, and demonstrated a genuine care for the project's success."

Head of Design at Cryptocurrency Exchanger & Custodian

Ideation & Innovation

Ideation and innovation are two terms we tend to associate with our strategy services. Categorized into three areas — product, business, and brand — strategy almost always requires a healthy dose of ideation and innovation.

SEO Content Strategy

As a top SEO content strategy agency, we’re aware SEO isn’t one-size-fits-all. Taking the same care with your content as we do ours, we dive deep into who you are to create a personalized strategy that maximizes output and impact. 

One place where digital transformation can be effective? Accessibility. While most companies realize the importance of making sure everyone can understand, navigate, and interact with a website or app, it isn’t always implemented. That’s where our accessibility experts come in.

When it comes to digital transformation projects, we often run into situations that require a thoughtful approach to integration — whether it’s with digital platforms or processes. Our full-stack engineers are skilled in most major programming languages, web development, API design, security practices, and problem-solving, allowing them to successfully create and maintain all types of integrations.

Digitally transforming your company’s processes is a larger, strategic initiative that leverages technology to fundamentally change and improve the way you conduct operations, interact with customers, and deliver value. This could involve process mapping and redesign, technology adoption, and more.

Since we lead with a digital-first mindset, we’re often tasked with digital business model transformation. This involves rethinking and restructuring various aspects of the business, including its core offerings, customer interactions, revenue streams, and operational processes in order to take full advantage of the opportunities presented in the current landscape. 

Our Digital Transformation Services

At Big Human, ideation and innovation, big ideas, and looking beyond “what’s” next come second nature to us. That said, if you’re interested in digital transformation — of any shape or form — we’d love to talk.

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