React Native App Development

Improved quality, responsiveness, modern security features, and a memorable experience are some of the benefits of a building a React Native app.


Creating a listener-first experience across devices



An expert React Native app development company like Big Human uses this framework to empower a project by creating a singular code used for both iOS and Android apps – saving your business time and resources. With great performance and and responsiveness, React Native apps can do more for your brand and your users.

What is React Native Development?

React Native is an app development framework that uses JavaScript and allows developers to create multi-platform applications using a single codebase. That means that our engineers can write the code once and apply most of that same code to different platforms – significantly cutting down on time.

Working with a React Native development company solves several problems. Unlike other frameworks that rely on web app or hybrid app technology for cross-platform development, React Native deploys native components for a nearly native experience without requiring separate development processes for different platforms. 

A cross-platform app can work on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS, and it should perform the same, regardless of the computer or mobile device it’s run on.

Faster and consistent cross-platform development at a lower cost

A React Native app development agency offers the ideal solution for modern businesses by offering a more consistent in-app brand identity across platforms, thanks to the shared codebase. However, handling two different development processes for Android (in Java) and iOS (in Objective-C or Swift) is no easy feat. With Big Human as your React Native developers, you’ll have a team of engineers with enough skill and expertise to build an app that is effective, efficient, and beautifully designed.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The app designed by Big Human has been ranked highly for its UX, rating no less than four stars in the App Store since its release. The adaptive team is able to take on existing frameworks and integrate with internal systems."

Independent Consultant, Self-Employed

"The agency executed the architecture, database structure, and algorithm exceptionally well, ensuring that the final product met RoomZoom's expectations."

Elien Blue Becque, Founder at RoomZoom

Digital Branding Services

Every element your users see and interact with is an opportunity to reinforce who you are and how you stand out from the competition.

Digital Strategy Agency

We know how to solve problems — and any solution starts with a solid strategy. Big Human strategists can guide you through and around any hurdles.

Written in JavaScript and then translated to the native code, this type of app development is a great way to build apps that can run on any platform consistently, instead of developing natively for specific operating systems.

With “real” native apps, you can expect the performance of an app that was developed for a particular platform. That means that with React Native, we can create apps that are as fast, reliable, and secure as their native alternatives.

With a convenient framework that offers reusable code, we can have your apps in the hands of users faster. Since most of the code can be shared between different versions of the app, your apps will be deployed for both iOS and Android within a shorter timeline.

In the same way that React Native app development is better for building apps, the process of updating them is also easier, faster, and more efficient. With React Native, we can update the unified codebase for the app and then push it to the platform it’s being run on.

Our React Native app development Process

Big Human is more than just a leading React Native development company; we offer full end-to-end solutions to help businesses develop the best digital experiences out there. Here’s what that process typically looks like.

Defining your stack
Refinement and Quality Assurance


Our team of developers and strategists work with your team to understand the business needs of your React Native application. This phase is crucial to gather project-relevant information and elicit stakeholder reactions and suggestions.

Defining your stack

At this stage, we’ll define the tech services that will be needed for your React Native app development project. We work with modern, well-supported technologies that reduce technical debt and speed up the development process.


Our development process happens in sprints, which means that we will remain agile and can clients can provide feedback mid-stream whenever needed.

Refinement and Quality Assurance

Our React Native app developers work closely with you and your team to incorporate feedback and pivot as quickly as needed. We QA throughout the process and polish the product as we go.


Our work doesn’t always end once an app hits Google Play or the App store; our team can also keep up with maintenance and updates depending on your product and company’s needs.

React Native App Development at Big Human

React Native app development is just one part of what we do at Big Human. We’re a full-service technology, design, and branding company that can help you build your dream digital product.

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