Education App Development

As a team and as individuals, we’re big fans of continued education in any form and at any age. We love learning about new skills, tools, and ideas, and actively sharing what we’ve discovered with the world. That’s what makes our education app development work worthwhile. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in finance, the arts, or something incredibly niche. Big Human is an agile and reliable education app development agency that takes pride in helping you create a digital product that enriches your audiences’ minds — both inside and outside of the classroom.

Carnegie Hall

Building engaging platforms for educational programs

UX/UI Design

Our role in education app development

When it comes to app development services for educational organizations, you’ll want us by your side. Some studios might do as you tell them, no questions asked. But at Big Human, we’re part of your team from start to finish (sometimes even past the initial project end date). We’re collaborative partners who work with you to outline a cohesive strategy that helps educate people in the best way possible with the best tech possible. We also have the foresight to move your app forward, going beyond the present and identifying where it can go in the future.

With the growing demand for instructive technologies, we know educational organizations have a lot to consider when building their digital product — from the content to the audience and the platforms they use. Big Human’s creative problem-solving engineering team uses robust tech systems that ensure your education app is as engaging as it is informative and reliable. With careful planning, thorough execution, and accessibility top of mind, you’ll walk away with a user-friendly platform that adds a sense of dynamism to the way everyone in your audience learns.

What does app development for educational organizations look like?

Once we get to know you, your audience, and your educational field, we roll up our sleeves and frame a comprehensive information architecture and user journey flows. Since we have to factor in the type of content they provide and how their users will interact with the platform, this is especially important for our education app development clients. It’s only after this stage is complete that we concentrate on an intuitive, user-centered design that accounts for gamification, adaptive learning, and assessment tools. 

At Big Human, it’s our job to broaden our clients’ scopes, but it isn’t a guessing game. All development and design decisions are deliberate and well-thought-out. We build on our clients’ requirements and use our industry expertise to create nuanced experiences at every level and every touchpoint. Our strategists, designers, and developers work in tandem throughout the entire project to explore every possible opportunity. Most clients come with an already established tech stack, but we still take a second look to make sure they’re as performant as they can be. If they aren’t, we’ll gladly integrate other tools or write custom code.

As an app development agency for education, Big Human covers all the bases. Whether your app is for thousands of undergraduates, dozens of grade schoolers, or a few tradespeople, we centralize every component, so you can deliver a scalable but dependable learning experience.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The app designed by Big Human has been ranked highly for its UX, rating no less than four stars in the App Store since its release. The adaptive team is able to take on existing frameworks and integrate with internal systems."

Independent Consultant, Self-Employed

"The agency executed the architecture, database structure, and algorithm exceptionally well, ensuring that the final product met RoomZoom's expectations."

Elien Blue Becque, Founder at RoomZoom

Nonprofit Branding

We know that most change happens when your audience believes in you and what you do, and that’s why defining who you are — through both visuals and messaging — is one of the most important steps.

Content Marketing Services

A digital product cannot live without content. Focusing on your expertise, we’ll capture your voice and keep your message consistent across channels to support your marketing efforts.

Research is what makes or breaks a project. Before developers and designers can even get started, our strategists first need to dive deep into who you are, what your students need, and what you have to teach them.

With so much educational information and different user journeys to consider, we put a lot of effort into the information architecture. This is where we categorize and sort content to help both students and educators easily find what they’re looking for.

It’s important for apps to be accessible to as many people as possible, especially in education. Our user-first mindset always factors in both iOS and Android capabilities into our app development services for educational organizations, and our responsive web method also  accounts for different devices, like desktops and tablets. We know every one learns differently and has different abilities, so we keep accessibility top of mind, too.

Education apps naturally come with all sorts of content, from curriculum outlines to the lessons themselves. The Big Human engineering team will set you up with an reliable content management system, so you can efficiently maintain and create new content in a variety of formats like audio and video.

Our Education App Development Process

The reason our clients choose us is because we leave no stone unturned; we’re detailed yet nimble in our approach. Our strategists, designers, and developers all work together to make sure your digital product is meticulously planned and carefully crafted. While we happily shift to meet the needs of our clients, here’s what the education app development process typically looks like at Big Human.

Strategy and Discovery
Design and Refine
Develop and Test
Launch and Iterate

Strategy and Discovery

Arguably the most important step, Strategy & Discovery is how we kick off all of our projects. In order to build you the best app possible, we first need to understand you, your audience, and what you both need. This stage includes collaborative workshops, stakeholder interviews, brand audits, user research, and competitive analyses.

Design and Refine

An app is only as good as its foundation, so Big Human designers use the information architecture and wireframes to organize content, outline user journey flows, and emphasize key features. To create an engaging and consistent user experience, we can also refine your brand identity and other visual elements like your logo and brand colors.

Develop and Test

Our engineers are dedicated to creating a seamless but innovative user experience that stretches across all platforms and devices. After integrating our clients’ preferred plugins and sometimes building custom development solutions, they personally test every part of the app, identifying and fixing bugs to make sure your app is ready to launch.

Launch and Iterate

When we say we’re with you from start to finish, we mean it. Even after launch, we stick around to monitor your app, debug any glitches, and continually optimize the user experience.

Our education app development work

When it comes to the best education app development agency, we’re confident Big Human is up there. We take on a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach to create an innovative digital product that not only meets your needs but sets both you and your audience up for success.

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