Top 6 Full Stack Development Tools You Should Be Using in 2022

Top 6 Full Stack Development Tools You Should Be Using in 2022

In order to create a beautiful and functional website or app, a web developer must have the right set of tools — ones that allow you to create engaging, easy-to-use products and fulfill the needs of the consumer.

If you’re on the development team, it’s part of your job to do your research and some testing to see which tool is right for your specific use case. That said, here are some of the full stack development tools that are most widely used in the industry to get you started.

1. Visual Studio Code

Offered by Microsoft, Visual Studio is an oldie but a goodie. This source code editor is compatible with many of the most commonly used coding languages, offers integration with GitHub, and has a number of smart features to make the job smoother. And possibly best of all… It’s free.

2. Docker

Docker is a full stack development tool that enables web developers to create isolated containers for a site or application that are separate from the operating system. Doing this lets web developers make changes and experiment in a siloed environment without worrying if these changes will cause major problems. In addition, this isolation improves the security of the web development process, as there’s less risk of corrupted code giving threat actors access to the developer’s computer.

3. Kubernetes

As a companion to the containerization offered by Docker, Kubernetes offers the ability to deploy and manage hundreds of containers. If you need to roll out changes to several dozen containers, Kubernetes can automate this for you, as well as automatically roll back the changes if they cause problems in the container environments.

4. Chrome Developer Tools

This full stack development tool is designed predominantly for front-end developers to see how their work is handled by the browser. You can tinker with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and it’s a great resource for debugging at the browser level.

5. Slack

While Slack is not a developer tool per se, it’s one of the best solutions for collaboration between dev teams. This is in large part due to a wide array of integrations that enable developers to share their work in real-time with their colleagues.

6. AppMaster

AppMaster is a full stack development tool designed for mobile app development, and it’s a great choice for beginner developers who need a way to build apps without a lot of coding expertise. You can create your designs by dragging and dropping elements into a visual builder.

To Develop In-House or Outsource?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration as you develop your website, landing pages, and mobile applications. While choosing the right full stack development tools is important, you also have to assess whether or not you have the available expertise within your organization. 

While outsourcing app development requires more due diligence when it comes to organizational security and compliance, an effective full-stack web development agency can avoid many of the mistakes made by less experienced developers and will often have more knowledge of security standards at the product level. 

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