January 25, 2023

Big Human in Review: 2022 Highlights

In one of our busiest years yet, we built apps and websites, refreshed brands both old and new, and revived a few blogs and newsletters. Across design, development, strategy, and content, we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved. We even won a few awards along the way.

But it was the moments in-between — the ones you couldn’t see on-screen — that really made 2022 stand out for us. Our team might be small and mostly remote (we made excuses to see each other IRL), but we celebrated our personal wins just as much as our professional ones. Some of us moved and bought houses, some of us got engaged or married, and some of us had little humans of our own. 

We’re gearing up for an exciting 2023 and we hope you’ll join us on the ride. If you’re interested in building something with Big Human, just send us a message.

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