April 7, 2023

The First 7 Days of Literally Anything, Our New Experimental AI Tool

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On Friday, March 31, 2023, we launched literallyanything.io, the latest project within our collection of artificial intelligence work.

Literallyanything.io enables anyone to bring their ideas to life without any coding knowledge. By leveraging the power of AI, you can turn natural language prompts into fully-featured apps, games, widgets, and digital services directly in your browser. Quickly prototype and build your own apps — or "LAPPS,” as we call them — without the need for copy-pasting code or any other development practices. In just a few clicks, you can create something truly unique and share it with the world.

Since the official launch, 8,437 people from over 100 countries have built more than 6,045 creations using our technology. 

Sure, not all creations are perfect or work properly, but we’re continuing to iterate on the service and ensure that your ideas turn into functional products. We’ve also added more APIs —  including ChatGPT, Google Maps, Giphy, and language translations — with additional integrations on the way. By adding dynamic data from popular sources,  we’re able to expand the functionality of LAPPS beyond the capabilities of the front-end.

If you haven’t built anything yet, or you’re curious about what other users are creating, we’ve rounded up some of the best use cases for literallyanything.io below. From a tracker keeping tabs on new baby expenses to a rich text editor, we’re making, well, literally anything. 

Caveman Translator

Form that translates English Text to Caveman Speak


Webpage for the Crabzilla God religion 

Rich Text Editor 

Bootstrap-based rich text editor 

Sad Dog Game

Choose to pet, feed, or play with a dog 

Flash Cards

Simple flashcard game

Baby Expense Tracker

Calculates a new baby’s expenses for diapers, formula, clothes, and toys

Blog Post about ChatGPT4

AI-written blog post that explains the features and applications for ChatGPT 4

Family Planning

App that generates a family planning method based on a user’s response

Passover Invite

Invitation for a Passover Seder with a button with the recipient’s name that reveals event details when clicked

See what you can create on literallyanything.io, and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest product news and updates. 

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