Fusion Worldwide

Mapping a multi-layered digital journey

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Fusion Worldwide has been the preeminent independent distributor of electronic components since 2001, consistently investing in the latest technology and quality testing procedures to get its customers “Out in Front.” The international sourcing expert supplies buyers with hard-to-find components that are essential to their production lines and offers comprehensive supply chain solutions for businesses of every size.


In 2023, Fusion Worldwide came to Big Human for an online experience that would help establish the global sourcing giant as an industry authority and effectively highlight its expertise, extensive suite of services, and commitment to helping its customers stay ahead of the competition.

Serving as Fusion’s creative agency, we revamped its brand identity, crafted copy, redesigned its website, and produced all marketing and visual assets, including photography, videos, and print and digital ads. Our work with Fusion continues into 2024 with ongoing website maintenance, new feature integrations, and additional marketing efforts.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Product Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial & Creative Direction
  • Development
  • Photography
  • eCommerce


Modernizing a legacy brand

Fusion Worldwide’s brand renovation needed to balance the established with the new, honoring the company’s 20-year legacy and personifying its updated tagline, “Out in Front.” To bring Fusion into its next era, Big Human designers kept heritage elements, like the logo and fonts, but updated other essential visuals. We electrified Fusion’s signature green, and for weight and depth, we filled the secondary palette with bold shades — a departure from the black-and-white color scheme typically used by other companies in the same field. The four secondary colors correspond with the website’s content buckets: blue for services, lime for industries, green for quality, and purple for company culture.

Since the new website expands on Fusion Worldwide’s story and services, we introduced graphic elements to break up longer blocks of text and add visual interest to various content sections. The supporting graphics drew inspiration from different elements of Fusion’s history and the electronic components it sources, indexing on their shapes and lines.

Fusion planned for more photography on the website, so we flexed our skills as creative directors and producers, defining the brand’s photography style and setting guidelines for pictures of the team, office culture, and facilities. After scouting locations and curating a shot list, we led the creative vision and styling during photoshoots at Fusion’s Boston headquarters and Quality facility in Haverhill, MA.

The new look also called for a new brand anthem video, a short narrative that communicates Fusion’s mission, values, services, and competitive advantage. While Big Human copywriters drafted the script, our design lead and motion graphic designer stitched together the visuals. The final product was a cohesive yet dynamic piece of branded content that Fusion can utilize on its website, social media channels, advertisements, and more.

Product Design

Anchoring content to subtle visual cues

We took a modular approach to the website design, creating a range of components and templatizing layouts the Fusion team could easily replicate. To prevent the website from feeling one-dimensional, we used Fusion’s iconography and secondary color palette to create clear distinctions between different types of content. We also produced subtle scrolling animations for the hero banners, modules, and footers to draw users’ eyes to important facts and figures. 

Product Design, cont.

Fusion Worldwide’s new website has a higher page count, increasing from 14 to about 70. As part of the SEO strategy and to reiterate Fusion’s industry authority, the updated website emphasizes storytelling, featuring pages for the company’s articles, certifications, locations, offerings, the industries it serves, and more. We also enhanced the information architecture and revamped the site’s search capabilities for seamless navigation and exploration.

SEO & Copywriting

Preserving the technical DNA in reader-friendly copy

The challenge for Big Human copywriters was distilling complex technical information into SEO-rich, reader-friendly website copy. To effectively tell the Fusion Worldwide story and accurately describe its capabilities, we prioritized making all on-page content easy for customers, especially new ones, to understand — all while staying true to the Fusion brand. 

The keywords and long-tail phrases Fusion ranked for didn’t make for the most human-readable content. Rather than cloud the on-page copy, we leveraged high-value keywords and phrases in the meta descriptions, meta titles, page titles, alt text, and product descriptions. We also incorporated text and image hyperlinks to relevant pages on the website, helping users easily discover related content and improving Fusion’s crawl efficiency. 


Safeguarding a cohesive site build

To safeguard a cohesive site build and make content easier for the Fusion team to manage, Big Human engineers established a centralized code base within a headless CMS, using separate folders for design templates, marketing and service modules, and elements shared between pages. We used Vercel, Next.js, and WebJS to code a fully responsive website, and Algolia and Azure Cognitive Search to drive Fusion’s on-site search engine, implementing a process and additional components that adhered to technical SEO best practices. The tail-end of our project featured an extensive QA phase to ensure optimum performance post-launch.


Transitioning into an agency of record

Fusion Worldwide unveiled its new website in late January 2024. Big Human remains on hand for routine site maintenance and additional design, copywriting, and marketing work, which includes paid media, branded presentation decks, and trade show displays. Since Fusion Worldwide has locations on four continents, our engineers are currently focused on translating the website into multiple languages.