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Quinn Hero

Quinn isn’t your grandmother’s radio drama. It isn’t your ordinary, tailored-to-men porn site either. Caroline Spiegel founded the audio porn platform in 2019 after realizing the internet’s visual offerings were, frankly, unsatisfying and devoid of female perspectives. While audio erotica isn’t new, Quinn is made by women for women. Its intention is to provide a female-first sexual experience and introduce personal pleasure to 18- to 24-year-olds, a crowd just beginning to discover themselves.

Big Human teamed up with Quinn for a website and mobile app refresh that better represented Quinn’s personality, intended audience, and appreciation for the spoken word.

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Product Design
  • iOS Development
  • Web Development


Creators, content, and lots of comments

Quinn had a lot of moving parts. Half of the project entailed updating Quinn’s look and feel and emphasizing its ethos, but we also had to account for the platform’s creator content and new subscription-based business model.

Audio tracks are creator-submitted but Quinn-vetted, which ensures quality, but that also means the platform needs to manage a significant amount of content. When it came to its community and building a personalized experience, we relied heavily on user feedback and focused on the little details like leaving comments and favoriting tracks.


Built for the bold...

Quinn had already been through a couple facelifts before we hopped on board, but the goal was to keep its spirit and its logo. We were inspired by its first iteration (a minimal site in a feisty magenta) and its most recent (hot pink and blue balanced by a white background).

Naturally, an audio-first platform has minimal visuals, so we enhanced its punchy personality with clean Swiss typography, straightforward icons, and an updated brand palette. The background is still a crisp white, but rainbow gradients better represented Quinn’s fun, cheeky identity. The finished look thrills but doesn’t scare away the youthful audience it was built for.


It’s all in the experience and the ethos.

Part of our design work was for Quinn’s style guide, but we still did some heavy lifting when it came to the sitemap and information architecture of both the website and mobile app. We reorganized the platform for better navigation and used clear labels (Voices, Categories, Playlists, and Community) to make content easier to find.

Access to unlimited content is free for the first month but after the month is over, users are charged a monthly subscription fee for continued access. Most audio porn browsing is done privately, so the refreshed site can also be accessed in incognito mode.

Quinn’s new site needed to assert itself and clearly define its intent right from the get-go. Along with trending sounds, featured creators, and curated playlists, users are greeted on the homepage by a short ‘Welcome to Quinn!” audio that teases the site’s content and introduces its new subscription model.

For a deeper dive, we added a Community page where users can learn more about Quinn, read a message directly from its founder, and explore its FAQs.

"An audio-first platform has minimal visuals, so we enhanced its punchy personality with clean Swiss typography, straightforward icons, and an updated brand palette."


Easy listening (and managing)

Quinn’s existing media player worked but called for bug fixes. To ensure content could be streamed without interruptions or delays, we decided the best solution was to build our own. We chose a react-native media player for both the website and mobile app since it could support all file types, which means it performs at the same caliber as other streaming platforms. We made sure the audio continued playing even while a device was locked since most people close their eyes after choosing a track.

The new audio player also personalizes the experience. Users can favorite Voices and Categories, queue tracks, and even share them with curious friends.

Quinn works with a variety of creators and new audio is constantly uploaded. The website and mobile app are made to grow with their content, and the headless CMS Contentful helps manage it all.


Here for a good time

For existing users, the new website and mobile app is an enhancement of everything they loved. For newcomers, it’s a prelude to their climax.

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