Tablet 100

Telling a story of culture and cuisine

Tablet 100 Hero

In 2019, Tablet Mag published a book of the 100 Most Jewish Foods, a self-proclaimed “highly debatable” list, collected from well-known Jewish food writers and chefs. To coincide with the launch, we were tasked with creating a digital experience to tell the story of those 100 foods in an engaging and fun way.

Books, by their nature, are linear, but digital experiences don’t have to be. So how could we bring the culture and cuisine to life in a new way?

  • UI/UX Design
  • Development

UX/UI Design

Off the page and onto the table

Central to Jewish culture and cuisine is eating together and telling stories gathered around a table. So we created that table, but not just any table, a digital-lazy susan, filled with all 100 dishes. Users could see all of the food, all at once, and pick and choose which to dig into with a simple spin of the table and a scroll-over of each food. From there you can learn more about each dish, with a short, personal story written by each contributor.

UX/UI Design, Cont.

The mobile experience

A newsworthy and PR-friendly idea, we knew the mobile experience needed to support users learning about it through their phones. It retained all the same functionality and an equally fun and seamless experience.


The site was nominated for a 2019 James Beard award for Innovative Storytelling. It became so popular, they published a book using the design and style we established.