Enterprise App Development: Build For Success

Enterprise App Development: Build For Success

In an increasingly mobile world, technology is putting more resources into the hands of today’s workforce. The things our smartphones can do today were virtually unimaginable a couple decades ago. Even a decade ago, we were just being introduced to Siri and platforms like Square and Dropbox were just getting off the ground. 

Nowadays, it’s helpful for employees to have access to a dedicated app for work-related tasks and goals. These are known as “enterprise apps”.

Managers agree that enterprise apps offer a better way to streamline workflows and increase visibility for day-to-day operations. Customers also benefit from organizational use of enterprise apps. For example, better access to CRM functionalities and more options for customer service make for a better shopping experience. 

What are the organizational benefits of enterprise apps?

Better workflows

With an enterprise app, every employee has access to a fully-functional mobile work hub. Via desktop and mobile devices, they can track schedules and tasks for the day, as well as keep an eye on key metrics worth tracking for long-term objectives. With everyone at a company having access to these resources, workflows become more efficient.

Improved administration and management resources

Administrators and managers can use enterprise apps to track employee progress on any work-related task or job. Face-to-face time with employees is not always possible, or convenient. The beauty of an enterprise app is it keeps managers and administrators in the loop, even when a day fills up with meetings and obligations that pull them away from job sites. 

Enhanced data security

Security is increasingly a concern for organizations looking to enlist the help of an application. That’s understandable given the risks that come with opening access to sensitive data and information. Enterprise apps include levels of security that protect you inside the organization and out. Employees can gain access to specific levels of app functionality to ensure they’re solely using pertinent platforms. Plus, enterprise-level security standards ensure the transfer and access of sensitive data and information stay inside your organization and are only accessible to those with permission.

What makes enterprise app development different?

Enterprise app development focuses solely on building an application for an organization’s use. We won’t find these apps in the App Store or Google Play Store. Because these apps differ from consumer apps, the development process is a little different too. 

1. Organization & security 

The data and functionality offered by an enterprise app is hyper-organizational. They integrate all organizational data, files, and digital interfaces for job roles into the app. Because a lot of this information is sensitive and critical to keep private, enterprise apps also put a major focus on security during development. 

2. Testing phases

We also see a more rigorous testing and development process with enterprise apps. Think about it; if a game app crashes, we don’t get to play that game for a while. If an enterprise app crashes, an entire business or organization could be stuck at a standstill, resulting in losses, delays, and setbacks. Distribution of the app within the company can be tricky too and industry-specific policies and legal standards can add extra steps to the development process. 

Packaged apps vs enterprise app development services

When building an enterprise app, most organizations take one of two routes. They either look to obtain a packaged application, or hire enterprise app development services. Packaged apps might prove to be helpful in the short-term, but they are the less successful route for reaping the long-term benefits of enterprise apps. 

Limitations of packaged apps. Packaged apps are essentially modified web pages that look like normal apps. These can be much faster to develop because they use an ordinary web framework and data to build out an app experience. Because of this, their functionality and scalability is limited to the tools of a web platform. While this can result in a faster deliverable, it’s more likely organizations want the full benefits of enterprise apps. That’s where developer services come in handy.

Increased flexibility and experience with enterprise app developer services. Working with an enterprise app developer service can help you harness the full potential of what these apps can offer. This partnership allows organizations to use an agency’s software and app development tools to create an app tailored for its needs. Plus, when you hire a development services agency, the app is in the hands of experts with experience ensuring organizations come out of the development process with a functional, productive app that enhances the work experience.

Build a better workflow and customer experience with an enterprise app

Enterprise apps provide organizations with a better way to work. Investing in one now can ensure a much smoother workflow and enhanced productivity for years to come. When starting the enterprise app development process, it’s important to partner with the right app development services agency to get the job done. 

Big Human is a product design studio that develops custom enterprise apps for organizations of all sizes, from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  

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