Nonprofit App Development

Out of all the servics we offer, our work with nonprofits tends to most often combine our experience and expertise with our passion for helping organizations broaden their missions. Sometimes, these projects include app development for nonprofits. Whether we’re helping those fighting food insecurity, expanding children’s arts education programs, or building our own digital products, nonprofit app development allows us to bring ideas and concepts to fruition.


Modernizing New York City’s food pantry system


Our role in nonprofit app development

We’re a small but efficient team, and our nimbleness ensures we can jump in whenever and wherever you need us. When clients come to Big Human, they get a nonprofit app development agency and an in-house partner, too. Our engineers are coding wizards, and our strategists are tactful planners — with both known for their creative methods. We tackle every project with a multidisciplinary approach in order to deliver a digital product that accurately and effectively furthers your mission at every touchpoint.

We’re also serious when we say we’re your partner; we often work with our nonprofit clients well past the initial project end date. We understand nonprofit organizations have different obstacles than larger, for-profit companies, so we work to fill the gap and provide solutions — from fundraising to finding the right tech stack. Our extensive skill set (and dedication to important causes) makes us especially equipped to help you meet your needs and exceed your goals.

As an app development agency for nonprofits, we make a point to partner with organizations with values that align with ours. Their dedication and enthusiasm motivate us to do our best work; in turn, we give them a platform to do their best work, too.

What does app development for nonprofits look like?

App development services for nonprofit organizations are all hands on deck at Big Human. Our engineers aren’t just the anchors in a relay race; they’re part of the project from the very beginning, giving the rest of the team strategic insights on tech stacks, user experience decisions, and more. 

We make sure the apps and websites we develop for nonprofits are built with a strong framework. The effort we put into the backend makes it easier for nonprofits to operate their frontend, and that’s why they choose us. Everything we create is designed to increase awareness, boost traffic, engage audiences, and organize donation streams.

After we establish a central ecosystem where our clients can manage every part of their organization, we help them add third-party integrations to their digital infrastructure. From QuickBooks to HubSpot and Google Analytics 4 — we can integrate them to create a more robust platform. If nonprofits are looking for bespoke tools, Big Human engineers are more than ready to code custom development solutions.

When it comes to nonprofit app development, there are quite a few moving parts to consider. We work with you to make sure no spot goes untouched, ensuring your app or website functions exactly how you pictured it.

Nonprofit Branding

We know that most change happens when your audience believes in you and what you do, and that’s why defining who you are — through both visuals and messaging — is one of the most important steps.

Content Marketing Services

A digital product cannot live without content. Focusing on your expertise, we’ll capture your voice and keep your message consistent across channels to support your marketing efforts.

We’re definitely prepared to hit the ground running, but our projects always start with comprehensive research that informs the rest of the project. Big Human strategists take a look at who you are, what you do, who you serve, and whom you’re trying to reach.

Our developers and designers work together to produce an app that’s functional on both desktop and mobile. With the user of top mind, we use a responsive web method to provide your audience with a dynamic yet consistent experience on every device.

We’re dedicated to making digital experiences accessible to everyone, so our app development services for nonprofit organizations include both iOS and Android capabilities. This cross-functional technique gives your app and organization a wider reach.

Since nonprofits usually have a lot of content to manage (biographies, mission statements, events, and volunteer opportunities), our development team connects your app to a personalized content management system. A CMS helps you easily manage content, enabling you to quickly upload and organize new posts and updates.

Our App Development Process

Big Human’s successful history as an app development agency for nonprofits boils down to our collaborative, eagle-eyed approach. While our strategists anticipate and prevent roadblocks, our designers and developers finetune your digital product, paying close attention to the details. We also make sure our clients are involved in each stage, and since all of our clients are different, our process is unique every time.

Strategy & Discovery
Design & Refine
Develop & Test
Launch & Iterate

Strategy & Discovery

One of the most critical steps in our projects is knowing and understanding who our clients are and what they need. This is where our close partnership truly begins; along with exploratory workshops and stakeholder interviews, we conduct user research, competitive analyses, and brand audits.

Design & Refine

Before engineers can start building your digital product, they first need a visual foundation. During this phase, Big Human can designers put together design concepts and wireframes that outline the structure of your app, noting key features and user journey flows. Depending on our client's needs, we can also iterate on other design elements like your logo, iconography, or even your entire brand identity.

Develop & Test

Big Human developers and programmers are proficient in a variety of coding languages, which means they’re able to build a wide range of custom app development solutions. They focus on producing a smooth, consistent experience across all platforms and devices, personally testing functionalities and debugging any glitches before launch.

Launch & Iterate

We’re still part of your team even after your app launches. We’ll continue to monitor your app and enhance its features, ensuring it functions properly and providing you with support for as long as you need.

Nonprofit App Development Work at Big Human

Big Human’s inventive takes on mobile and desktop apps make us one of the best nonprofit app development agencies out there. Our collaborative, cross-functional philosophy fuels our number one goal: to make sure you walk away with a fully realized, highly engaging, and thoroughly documented app that’ll contribute to your nonprofit’s future growth.

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