Cole Haan Hero

Cole Haan

Achieving versatility with design

Cole Haan asked us to collaborate on a template for all new product releases, starting with the launch of GrandRevolution. Together with their marketing team, we created a versatile collection of components that could be used in various configurations as needed.

  • UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Showcasing the future of comfort

We wanted to create a design that embodied the agile composition of Cole Haan’s design, as well as their sleek and innovative feel.

UX/UI Design

Sharing the craft

As well as modules designed to showcase the shoes, we designed several to tell the story behind the innovation, philosophy and design.


A better customer experience

Cole Hann’s unique shoes are about more than style, fit, and color. It was important for customers to understand the brand more fully - to experience their future-forward vision, the thoughtful process, and the difference that comfort makes.

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