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When Big Human takes on a branding or rebranding project, there are several services that come together to create a fully formed, functioning, and successful brand narrative. One of those services is brand strategy (sometimes called brand positioning). 


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Our Brand Strategy Consulting Services

Each brand strategy engagement is tailored to the client (we operate with a “flexibility within function” mindset), but the process as a whole is structured to help position your brand or product in the mind of your customers. This includes strategies to define and highlight your brand or product’s competitive advantage and differentiation in the market, and it ensures your brand is seen as favorable, valuable, and credible to the consumer. 

As a brand strategy and positioning agency, we help you figure out how best to present your company internally and externally.

Navigating the Brand Journey

Often, brand positioning happens before a company or product launches, but not always. Sometimes, it becomes clear that a rebrand or a product pivot is imperative to move forward into profitability and longevity. No matter your timeline, our brand positioning agency can come in at any point and help navigate your current or new brand story. 

When we work with startups, like cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, we’re often there from the very beginning — naming the company, establishing the why/how/what of the brand, defining the communications strategy, and building a clearly defined brand voice and personality

Brand positioning can take a slightly different format with larger, already-established companies in need of a refresh. When that’s the case, our strategists ingest the current brand strategy, key value propositions, and target users, and get to work interviewing stakeholders, auditing both the current brand and similar companies, and pinpointing where we can revise or transform. 

Brand Strategy & Positioning Case Study

Brand strategy and positioning were just part of our engagement with mental health app Bloom, but they informed every design and messaging decision made for the brand moving forward. As with most projects, we started the app's rebrand with an intensive discovery phase, looking at the landscape, speaking with stakeholders, and conducting brand workshops. Through these strategies, we were able to identify the characteristics, traits, and aspects of the brand that made it unique and impactful in the industry.

Interested in learning more about how Bloom re-entered the mental health space? Read the full case study here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The team was consistently easy to work with, responsive, and always game to innovate and find new ways to communicate our brand to the audience. The engagement was completed with brand guidelines that we continue to implement at conventions and sales events."

Joseph Piekarski, CEO at 1800Wheelchair

Digital Branding Services

Every element your users see and interact with is an opportunity to reinforce who you are and how you stand out from the competition. Here's how we can help.

App Development for Startups

From ideation to execution, Big Human can get your app off the ground and position your startup as an industry-rising star.

We can’t begin to create your brand story without knowing what currently exists — both inside your company and in the adjacent landscape. In order to find a path forward, our brand positioning agency dives deep into offerings, competitive brands, and how similar products or services are being communicated.

We like to collaborate openly and often with our clients; as part of our brand strategy consulting services, this often takes the form of workshops. Whether we’re leading a naming workshop, a values workshop, or a brand messaging workshop, these allow us to work hand-in-hand with the client to create a brand they feel emotionally connected with and one that accurately represents their wants and needs.

Brand identity is a broad term that encompasses a few items; it’s the entire aggregation of what an organization does and who it is. When we talk about brand identity in regards to brand positioning and strategy, we’re identifying an organization's mission, personality, promise to the consumers, and competitive advantages.

Communicating your brand to internal teams as well as the outside world comes down to how well you can tell your story. Our strategists and copywriters build out complete messaging systems that include tone of voice, voice principles, and copy boilerplates to set your brand up for future and continued success. 

Our Brand Positioning Agency Process

While each brand engagement is unique, our process typically follows the below steps.

Discovery and Brand Workshops
Develop the Brand Story
Create Brand Territories
Build Brand Messaging System
Establish Brand Identity and Enter Visual Identity Phase

Discovery and Brand Workshops

As with most Big Human projects, we begin with a discovery phase. Here, we’re meeting with stakeholders to understand brand and business goals, conducting brand audits and competitive analyses, and ingesting available research or company materials. During this phase of our brand positioning services, we’ll also prepare customized workshop materials based on project needs.

Develop the Brand Story

The next stage of the brand strategy process is rooted in establishing a concrete narrative. Before anything else can happen, we need to identify the “Why/How/What” of the brand, mission and vision statements, the brand’s values, and, if it’s not already known, the brand name.

Create Brand Territories

A solid brand positioning strategy is what our designers build upon during the design phase (most of the time, clients come to Big Human for both of these service offerings). That said, we utilize brand territories — broad directions of where the visual identity system can go — in order to build out the final visual brand identity.

Build Brand Messaging System

This is where we define the communication strategy and how it will vary by target audiences. This might require additional workshops, but no matter the strategy we employ, we’re always working toward a clearly defined brand voice.

Establish Brand Identity and Enter Visual Identity Phase

At the end of a Big Human brand positioning engagement, clients are armed with a positioning and messaging guide that outlines key pillars and real communication examples.

Brand Positioning Services and Brand Strategy Consulting Services at Big Human

Whether you’re a startup bringing your story and brand into the world or a Fortune 500 company looking to pivot, Big Human, a top brand strategy consulting services company, is here to help make that happen. Explore more of our brand positioning work here, and reach out if you’re interested in partnering.

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