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From naming to design, we believe strong brand identities should work together with digital products to create a unique and memorable experience for the customer. How your business looks, feels, and sounds at every interaction with the user is an opportunity to leave an impression — and at Big Human, we make sure it’s impactful. Keep reading to learn more about our digital branding services.


Establishing credibility for New York’s first Bitcoin Exchange


Big Human's Digital Branding Services

From logo design to usage guidelines, color palettes, tone of voice, and more, digital branding involves many moving parts. A successful brand has single elements that paint a complete, cohesive picture. Our team of strategists helps clients leverage the power of their brands to communicate their unique story at every touch point.

Brands are defined by everything a customer sees, hears, and experiences as it relates to your business. Our strategists, designers, and copywriters work with clients to make sure we define where your brand fits in the market and how we solve consumer needs and speak to them in a way that resonates and elicits engagement.

Defining the Brand Narrative

Your brand should be flexible and applicable enough to come to life on everything from the website to the packaging to an Instagram post. Its personality is something your customers and employees should be able to easily connect with. Are you friendly and chatty? Or composed and serious? What emotions do you want to transmit? As your digital branding agency, we know that audiences vary and change from one channel to another, but we’ll make sure your brand remains consistent throughout.

Branding Case Study

Gemini is one of the digital branding projects we're most proud of. Cryptocurrency was still relatively new to the general population when the Winklevoss twins launched New York’s first Bitcoin exchange in 2015. That said, their brand needed to embrace the excitement of the technology while still maintaining the security and reliability of traditional investment platforms. With that in mind, we came up with the brand name — which reflected both ambition and stature (and subtly nodded to the twin brothers) — and a visual identity system that felt clean and minimal, yet relevant to this new age of currency.

Read the full case study here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We engaged Big Human to assist our cryptocurrency finance company with branding services. Its support was instrumental in shaping our initial branding, including defining our company name, selecting colors, and creating logos."

Head of Design at Cryptocurrency Exchanger & Custodian

Digital Strategy Agency

We know how to solve problems — and any solution starts with a solid strategy. Big Human strategists can guide you through and around any hurdles.

FinTech Branding

Balancing the strict protocols of the FinTech industry with the nuances of your brand’s DNA is a tough job, but it’s something that Big Human, as a top FinTech branding agency, has been doing for years.

A brand isn’t just a logo and a tagline. Part of our digital strategy services is coming up with unique company and product names and naming systems to represent your new brand.

Branding usually begins with defining where a brand fits into the marketplace, how it comes across to potential users and customers, and pinpointing where it can stand out among the competition.

Knowing who you are and how you come across is foundational to the brand as a whole. This includes establishing core and supporting messages across audiences and channels.

A fully functioning brand identity requires more than just a logo; we create cohesive design systems for the brand, including typography, graphics, patterns, and illustrations.

Our Branding Process

We’re a digital branding agency that’s created brands for startups, rebranded Fortune 500 companies, and created brand identities across a variety of industries. Here’s how it usually works.

Discovery and Positioning
Refinement and Quality Assurance
Design and Refine

Discovery and Positioning

Setting the brand’s foundation starts with defining its brand core — who it is and why it exists. This is informed by the business, its culture, and what makes you different. Learning about your brand starts with exercises such as: discovery workshops, competitive analyses, brand audits, stakeholder interviews, and more. Beyond your product or service, we want our digital branding clients to become something people resonate with. At this stage, it’s important to uncover your audience’s emotional ties to the brand, as well as their paint points and needs – and how we can solve them.


After we compile all of our visual research, inspiration, and mood boards; we’ll begin the actual brand building. While our designers identify and create core visual brand elements, our strategists and copywriters develop brand statements and messaging guidelines — all of which can (and should) be implemented at every brand touchpoint.


At the end of your engagement with our digital branding company, you’ll be armed with not just a logo, but a cohesive look, feel, and voice. Now, everytime your brand speaks or interacts with customers, the message will feel like it’s coming from the same, trusted source.

Refinement and Quality Assurance

Our iterative development process means that we QA early and often — not just at the end. We polish your healthcare app as we go and apply best coding practices to produce less bugs throughout the process. We love the feeling of launching a new mobile app for our clients. But our job doesn’t end once the product is live and in the app store. A lot of times, we work with clients after launch to ensure the app remains relevant and valuable to users.

Design and Refine

During this phase, we build out design concepts and wireframes to organize the features of the mobile application. Based on the needs of our clients, we also design brands, define brand identity kits, and explore visuals like illustrations. Our goal is to create an eye-catching, seamless mobile experience.

Digital Branding at Big Human

Whether we’re creating branding elements for a startup or working with what you already love about your existing brand, our digital branding team has the skill set and experience to create a complete brand identity that will remain engaging and relevant for years to come.

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