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TodayTix Group

Composing a consistent brand story across audiences

Billed as the “global eCommerce leader for cultural experiences,” TodayTix Group connects audiences across the world to a premier lineup of shows, concerts, and events. Along with an extensive network of 20,000 international theatres, producers, and cultural institutions, TodayTix Group also offers a robust technical stack their partners can use to drive sales and activations. 

To mark their next era, TodayTix Group tasked Big Human with designing a new corporate website that matched the dynamism of the TTG brand with its substantial roster of products and services.

  • Product Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Design
  • Development


Solving for nuanced storytelling

While we start all of our projects with stakeholder interviews and collaborative workshops, both were especially important for TodayTix Group. It’s a complex company with a portfolio of sub-brands (TodayTix, Goldstar, Secret Cinema, and Show-Score) that work together to create TTG’s core offerings: a vast network of shows and events as well as a proprietary tech stack built to boost sales and promotional activations.

During our meetings, we also learned about the client’s two main user groups: distributors (the people and places that sell tickets) and producers (the creators and coordinators of shows and events). TTG’s new website had to explain the scope of their products and services to both of these audiences while maintaining one, cohesive point of view. TodayTix Group is a company that holds steadfast in its values and those values even permeate their business model, so we had to ensure TTG’s culture shined through every content and design element.

As we wrapped up the research and strategy phase, we realized we had to be flexible throughout the rest of the project. Content and design strategy felt like a chicken-and-egg situation; the structure of the content would inform design and vice-versa. 

UX/UI Design

Finding new ways to expand the existing branding

We started the design stage by outlining a new sitemap and information architecture to create a natural user flow throughout the website — one that worked with the narrative we wanted to establish with the copy.

The Big Human design team presented three visual directions that expanded upon TodayTix Group’s existing brand and also set it apart from their child company TodayTix, a separate digital ticketing platform. Many of TodayTix’s colors and visual elements are the same as TodayTix Group’s and in order to differentiate between the two, our designers sought new ways to apply the TTG brand that felt fresh and unique.

As our designers worked side-by-side with our copywriters, we made tweaks to the design that accounted for updates to the overall structure of the content. After those changes were made, we then concentrated on cleaning up the designs and animating several visual elements to make the website more engaging. The hero on TodayTix Group’s homepage is a video that stops playing when users hover over it, and there’s a side-scrolling feature on the Careers page that takes users through TodayTix Group’s company values.

At the end of the project, we handed TodayTix Group a scalable design system that included specifications for animations, color, typography, iconography, navigation, input fields, and more.


Writing one story for multiple audiences

TodayTix Group wanted their audiences to understand who they are and what they do with minimal effort. To establish an easy-to-follow narrative, our strategists and copywriters borrowed a technique from the design team. We used wireframes to map out every piece of content, from the headlines and body copy to the CTAs. The wireframes then informed the content outlines, where writers drafted copy for the Homepage, Distributor, Producers, Careers, Press, and Contact pages. Focusing on SEO, the content outlines framed each page’s objective and listed the keywords TodayTix Group wanted to rank for.

TodayTix Group’s story was sophisticated, but the team wanted to limit the number of pages on the website to keep navigation simple. So, we double-casted the Careers page, turning it into an information hub that also detailed TTG’s mission, values, and company-wide commitment to equity and inclusion. Since design also influenced content, we adjusted several copy blocks throughout this phase to align with fixed design elements like character counts and line breaks.


Linking the website to the CMS

The development lift for TodayTix Group was straightforward. TTG was already using Contentful as their CMS, so the Big Human engineering team connected their updated corporate website to their existing account. Apart from updating copy and assets in the CMS, our work was mostly front-end development.


Expanding TodayTix Group’s reach

TodayTix Group’s updated website now allows them to accurately tell their story and reach a wider audience.