Los Angeles Mobile App Development

When it comes to mobile app development for Los Angeles-based businesses, Big Human can help clients with solutions-first mobile apps for a number of top industries and major platforms. From startups that need a minimum viable product to large companies needing a refresh, we’re well-versed in what works for an organization ready for a new digital product.


Creating a listener-first experience across devices


The App Marketplace Continues to Boom

Past clients appreciate the team we’ve put together to tackle a number of high-profile app development projects. From every element of programming and design to the research and user feedback needed to ensure an app is successful from the day it launches, we’re passionate about building useful, valuable apps.

One of our favorite things about being a mobile app development company servicing Los Angeles is that the need for effective apps is ever-growing. Despite “digital revolution” being a term many know well, it continues to expand to new horizons. Whether you’re finally ready for an app of your own or it’s just time to rebuild one from the start, Big Human’s remote-first team of strategists, designers, and developers make up one of the best mobile app development agencies to serve companies in Los Angeles.

Apps That Start Strong and Grow With You

Clients who turn to Big Human know we think big picture; this isn’t just about innovating for now. All of our Los Angeles app development clients know we focus on growth as well as a successful launch. 

With the growth seen in-app marketplace data, our mobile app developers recognize that this is the best place to reach audiences on the devices they use most. That’s why working with us on developing a mobile app is the best move you can make for your business.

Big Human works in various avenues of digital design and development. We aren’t restricted to just Los Angeles mobile app development, just as we’re not limited by devices, operating systems, or languages. 

Our mobile app designers are well versed in iOS app development and are passionate about working on the Apple infrastructure to build apps that stand the test of time and make a big difference for your audience.

Android devices are the most used type of mobile device around the world. For businesses wanting to reach as many people as possible, Big Human is happy to say our team of mobile app developers is experienced in building within the Android ecosystem and knows what helps an app stand out in the growing Los Angeles marketplace.

When we develop products using React Native, we create platforms that simultaneously work for the web, iOS, and Android applications, saving you time and money. Mobile applications built for multiple operating systems allow clients to reach a wider audience.

Beyond our mobile app development services for startups, we also create products for desktop. We value flexibility and accessibility for users, so we often work with responsive website design in mind. Whether a user is looking at a computer, iPhone, or tablet, their experience should be seamless across each.

Our App Development Process

The way we develop apps for our Los Angeles clients differs by client; every situation is unique. But we do follow a typical process in order for us to understand both our client and their audience and effectively cater to their needs. This is what the process typically looks like, from start to finish.

Strategy & Discovery
Design & Refine
Develop & Test
Launch & Iterate

Strategy & Discovery

Understanding the business needs of our clients and the user journey of our end users is vital to creating a successful mobile app. User and technical research, stakeholder interviews, and competitive analyses, among other strategies, allows us to create solutions-first mobile apps.

Design & Refine

During this phase, we build out design concepts and wireframes to organize the features of the mobile application. Our goal is to create an eye-catching, mobile experience that reinforces your brand at every touch point.

Develop & Test

Our programmers are well-versed in different languages and platforms and always build custom mobile app development solutions based on the needs of each mobile application. With Big Human, your app will be accessible across all platforms and operating systems.

Launch & Iterate

Your app is live.. Now what? Part of our service offerings is continued quality control and integration. Big Human’s full stack of capabilities is always available to clients to ensure that the final product runs efficiently.

Our App Development Work

As a full-service mobile app development company, we began in New York but quickly expanded our remote team’s capabilities to serve the Los Angeles market. The innovation we strive for is the exact boundary-pushing energy that drives Los Angeles mobile app development forstartupsand businesses. 

From eCommerce up-and-comers and retail giants to specialized fields and behind-the-scenes industries, our client list is vast and varied. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll start brainstorming ways we can make your appdevelopment process exactly what your business needs to grow.

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